What did you feel when you first asked someone out on a date?

Did you feel nervous? Were you so overconfident about the question? Did you trip on your way to see that person?

Well, kiddies, let me tell you my experience. I had just turned 19 years old and was newly single and enjoying college life. There was a friend of mine who I hung out with and I thought he was pretty kind and friendly. Well, there was this thing we called “Sadie Hawkins Day Dance” where the girls ask the guys out officially, so I thought this was my chance to ask out my friend on a date.

So the big day came after mulling over exactly what I was going to say and ask. I remember this guy, we’ll call him Dan because I honestly forgot his name and maybe his name actually is Dan, but anyways. So, Dan was walking with his blue backpack in front of me and I ran up to him.

“Hey Dan!” I said as I stopped from walking briskly to catch up. Dan turned around and smiled.

“The Sadie Hawkins Dance….I was….wondering…if, well, you know…you would be available to go with me?” I was terrified, but confident of his answer because we were really good friends at that time.

“Well….” That long pause. Don’t you just love those long pauses. Gulp. Dan’s eyes shifted a bit and then a smile came across his face.

“Thanks, but I was waiting for my friend Tina to ask me to it.” Ouch! That was brutal. “But thanks for asking!”

There was this very awkward moment of silence and I felt so rejected. Why of all the guy friends I knew at that time did I ever choose to ask him? I guess because I was so confident in our friendship he’d say yes, but I was wrong. What happened at this time was that he and this friend of his were starting to get interested in each other and I had no clue.

Weeks went by and after licking my wounds and feeling a bit confident again, I asked him again to go out somewhere. This time, I just wanted to casually hang out with him and it wasn’t a date either. Guess what happened this time?

“Tina and I are dating now….” I just can’t win with this guy! And I believe they went on to eventually marry after college. Now I felt very awkward and from that day on, I vowed I’d never, ever ask out another guy out. Ever. Unless you’re Jeremy Renner, then I’d think about it. 😉

So, that my friends, was my first experience of asking a guy out. From then on, I left the asking out for guys to do to me. Maybe I’m just old fashion. Nothing is as cute as seeing someone at my front door holding tulips in his hands (my favorite flowers), brushing his feet on my welcome mat before coming into my place and opening car doors. I think it’s so sweet when guys buy flowers before a date, especially when they take the time to find out what flowers you like or if you’re allergic to them.

One of my favorite dates ever was with a guy from NYC who took me out to the restaurant where he took his mother to eat one day. He said he liked it in there so much he wanted to return back with a “special girl” and that was me. Later we danced on his rooftop of his penthouse under the moon in Manhattan. We slowed danced which was nice. It was lovely.

Which brings me to this special song. I’ve heard this song several months ago, but I had no idea who the artist was or where he was from. I don’t speak Spanish, so I’m not sure of everything he is singing. His name is Fonseca and the name of the song is “Arroyito”.

So, the next guy I date or hang out with might very well hear this song at some point because I want to dance underneath the stars once again to this very song. What were some of your experiences?

6 thoughts on “What did you feel when you first asked someone out on a date?

  1. Alex Nikinauta

    Hi JavaGirl I will translate the lyrics of this song Arroyito Spanish to Portuguese, make some time for you to understand ! It just look over at my FB !

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