A year after visiting the Sept. 11th Memorial & Museum

How do I begin?

It’s been a year. Before that, I waited 10 years before I could go down to Ground Zero. I wanted to pay my respects, but I wanted to do it at the right time when I felt ready and last year was the year. You can read my experience here below of my blog post if you click on the link.

My Visit to the Sept. 11th Memorial Park

So, how does one feel a year later after finally going to Ground Zero? Well, for starters, September 11th will forever be embedded in my mind for the rest of my life. I never witnessed people getting killed “live” on television and it was horrific that I can’t get it off my mind. Worse yet, I knew someone on the second plane that was shown live on tv.

I’ll be thinking of families and people all over the world who lost their loved ones and also think and pray for the survivors. I don’t just think of them today, I actually think of them everyday because I live somewhat near an airport and I constantly see planes land and take off. It’s a constant reminder for me. It’s a difficult day for most people and I say most with trepidation.

I feel sadness in my heart because of this day and the memories, but on the other hand, I also hold on to the sense of hope and renewal after visiting the Memorial. I left refreshed of moving on as the result of seeing how things were finally coming together. I want to hang on to that feeling of renewal. It was almost like a cleansing of the soul of certain sadness after going there. You see life in the trees, people walking around talking, you hear birds chirping and the usual NYC noise. You feel as life has gone on and that it’s still building and revitalizing itself. I love that feeling. A new beginning. And the place is almost finished. I have enjoyed watching the place being build up ever so slowly.

It’s ok to break down in the middle of the day upon hearing audio of news of that day. But it’s also ok to laugh and have a good day if you’re having one. Don’t let anyone ruin it for you. Part of grief is moving on with life, but still remembering all the heroes and citizens who lost their lives in a respectful way.

What do you think of today? How has it effected you? Where were you on that day?

I don’t know what else to say on this blog. But know I had to write it for memory sake so I can look back and see how I was in my train of thought today. I had so many other blogs I wanted to write, but I chose this one. Tomorrow’s blog will be a bit lighthearted and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you. Let’s just say it has to do with a certain Spanish song.

9 thoughts on “A year after visiting the Sept. 11th Memorial & Museum

    1. Aww, thank you Fatim308. I really appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. I am actually quite happy this morning. It’s a feeling of Fall in the air now (very cool and crisp), the sky is blue and it’s very sunny. I dropped off my son at school and I’m ready for my day to begin. It’s just revisiting those feelings that gets me a little down, but believe me. I’m very happy lately. I’m smiling ear to ear just thinking about my next blog post because it just makes me incredibly happy (the song). Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Michelle Gillies

    I was working at a TV station at the time. We had raw feeds coming in as things were happening and as they were not edited or sensored in any way the horror of the day is visually always available in my head. I was in my office when I saw the first stuff coming in. Mine was always the office people congregated in and within minutes my office was full and we all were just staring at what was coming in. I picked up the phone and called my husband at work and said, “Something is happening in New York. Get to a TV as quickly as you can”. He was in the backstretch at the racetrack and was able to get the TV tuned in and was standing with his cronies when the second plane hit. I was glad I was with him at that moment…even by phone…because that’s what got me through what we had to air the rest of the day.
    Visiting Ground Zero on one of my yearly trips to New York was a humbling experience. We both wept as soon as we stepped up to the fence. It seemed bizarre that anyone was still functioning in area. It is wonderful now to see the Memorial being finished and to hear /read accounts of visiting like yours. Life does go on. Just differently.

    1. Hi Michelle. I’m happy to hear you were able to have your husband by your side. It’s at that time you need your bestfriend/husband be there for you in a time of crisis. I’m sure you needed to hear his voice during that time. It is a humbling experience visiting Ground Zero because of the enormity of the space the two towers occupied! It was huge and to think of that crumbling down. Did you sense of reverence when you walked in? I did. I wanted to write my feelings down so that my grandchildren (which will be for a very long time as Adventure Boy is only 11 years old) can read about what grandmom felt-a record of feelings if you may. I so glad you stopped by! I always look forward to your comments Michelle!

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