Some vacation pictures

Hello friends,

Here are some pictures from vacation as promised. I was using my mom’s camera as I forgot mine at home.

This was shot during the dolphin and whale cruise. Can you see the two fins by the boat?

We were ending our cruise when I saw these clouds. They just looked so majestic.

On this cruise, we saw a gorgeous sunset which resembled a pacman. The dolphins had moved on as we cruised  back to land.

On the boardwalk at Ocean City. I love the lights of the ferris wheel as the sky gets darker.

Here are the friendly pirates I ran into while shopping at the gift store.

While walking around the village where the Pirate Festival occurred, I came across an old red barn house. The leaves framed the wood.

I love this picture. This was to the left of the red barn house. I love the hint and peekaboo of Autumn leaves.

These were hanging up and I just liked the texture of it. The colors intrigued me as well.

“Come hither sheep!”.   I was trying to bond with the sheep when the mysterious pirate with the unique accent walked up to me.

Adventure Boy and his best friend. AB liked being the shepard and bossing his little pet around.

“Haha! Now you’re the little pig!” AB’s friend joked.

10 thoughts on “Some vacation pictures

    1. I did, thank you. I feel very relaxed and ready to work again. I certainly love the ocean and how calming it was…even though I did see a fin a hundred feet away while swimming. I booked it out of the water so fast! :/

      1. Michelle Gillies

        Here’s my list…
        IMG_1800-1-1 – The red clouds. They kind of look like a fiery explosion.
        JavaGirlsBlog6 – The little peak of autumn as you said, is perfect in the centre of all that green
        JavaGirlsBlog1 – The red barn and green leaves are the perfect contrast. I love old barns.
        JavaGirlsBlog4 – The ferris wheel. The angle makes it look quite daunting.

      2. Yes, the “exploding” clouds pic. I thought that too after I posted it. I thought, “You know…they kinda look like explosions…but they’re not. Just pretty clouds reflecting the sun.” The peekaboo pic of the Autumn leaves, yes. I was standing there for a few minutes just admiring the scene before I took the picture. I wanted to remember the “moment”. I love red barns too! I love framing my pictures with leaves as you may already know from past blogs. 🙂 That ferris wheel was pretty indeed. I had to wait a while for the sky to get dark and for the ferris wheel to put on their lights. I have other pictures and maybe will still post them. I also took videos. If I have time, I’ll make a very short mini video.

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