Honey, I’m home!

Hello friends!

So, I’m back from the first half of my vacation at the beach. Now, I am home and relaxing until after Labor Day. Tomorrow will be spent basking by the pool and not even daring to think about work. You know, I could get very use to this.

Maybe I was told, but I learned something new this past few days from a close friend of ours. We were talking about honey (one of my favorite topics) and she said that I should buy local honey which helps people with seasonal allergies. I have seasonal allergies and have to take allergy medicine to keep from sneezing which then leads to wheezing. Lately, I have not taken any allergy medicine because I haven’t had to. Being one who loves to hear about natural methods and remedies of allergies, I took this advice whole heartedly. The reason behind buying “local raw honey” from stores within 100 miles of your home is because the pollen that is common in your vicinity of where you live, is found in small doses in the local honey. Being exposed through honey of the pollens and allergens in your town will get your body use to it through your immune system. They say it is best to take a teaspoon or so everyday before the heavy allergy season begins (Fall and Spring) so your body can get use to the pollen in the air. I’d rather have local raw honey than have to take store-bought medicines that have side effects. There is hope, yes! So, my friend told me of a local store that makes local raw honey around where I live and I plan to have a teaspoon of it before it gets too crazy with all the pollen in the air. Honey has always been part of my life and I put it in several things such as toast and oatmeal. But I never took in consideration of whether it was local or not. Now I know what to look for. For more useful information go to: honey

Last Friday I was in such a hurry, I forgot my camera! I had to use my mom’s camera to capture some photos so after I download them I will post them here for you to see. Some of the pictures are pretty funny!

I met some friendly pirates during one of our excursions. I was trying to coax a sheep to come eat out of my hand and holding the camera with my other hand when I heard the most unusual accent I have ever heard in my life. Now, I can tell where a person is from just by how they speak, but this pirate had a very unusual accent as he approached me. He was tall and dressed like he jumped off one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie set. I looked up and didn’t know what to say except, “Oh hi……” He casually leaned on the fence and began to talk to me. I was still figuring out whether his accent was fake or real. I was too shy to ask in fear that his acting abilities were superb or I was to offend him if it was truly his accent. It was almost as if his accent was a mix of French and New Zealand. It was truly very unusual. We had arrived late for the entire play the pirates had been doing, so I wasn’t familiar at all with who this character was. He was very sweet, a bit quiet, but friendly. Then he was gone. Later, I was approached by 3 very friendly pirates who I was able to snap their picture. They asked to have my picture taken with them.

We went on a much nicer cruise this time. Do you remember that one blog where we were caught in 3 storms on a six hour boat cruise? This time, it was much nicer and I hardly got wet. We did see some wild dolphins frolicking everywhere, but no luck with seeing a whale. It was a fun day to be had and I even captured a gorgeous sunset.

I also learned that the ocean can be very dangerous. I almost lost my top three times, but thankfully dove down and fixed it. I thought I saw a fin less than 100 meters from me and I felt like I was running in slow motion to get back to shore.  It could have been a dolphin, but I wasn’t chancing it. The beach we were at did not have a lifeguard, so I kept everyone very close to shore. There were several people at the beach, but it was not crowded. I love isolated beaches where I can feel at one with the ocean. Crowded beaches drive me crazy. I’ve been spoiled by the vastness and greatness of Brazilian beaches where you can walk for hours and collect sand dollars and where people can park their cars and still have a lot of space around them. It was wonderful to feel the sun and be gently caressed by the wind.

Photo credit: Yahoo images

4 thoughts on “Honey, I’m home!

  1. Michelle Gillies

    I’m glad this cruise was a tad tamer than the last one. It’s good to see you relaxing and getting some you time. Thanks for the tip about the honey. There was a time I only bought local honey and didn’t suffer from allergies then. Now I am a runny mess. I never made the connection before but it makes sense.
    I will look forward to seeing the pictures when you post.

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