That awkward moment when you see a painting redone…

An 80 year-old woman asks, “Well, what do you think?”. What do you say? This historical 19th century painting done by Elias Garcia Martinez of Jesus was redone retouched by an elderly woman who only wanted to do a few touch ups here and there. The complete transformation of Jesus was not done with bad intentions, but he isn’t very recognizable with a clean-shaven face, lots of hair and eyes looking towards you.

10 thoughts on “That awkward moment when you see a painting redone…

  1. If it was an original painting – a restorer could hopefully remove all the wayward paint and return to originally found. Let’s hope it was nothing more than a copy. Painting over an image created by someone else is unethical, disrespectful, and generally frowned upon by those that value art. Painting over a masterpiece is … well, the ultimate misjudgment of just about anything and indicates the sweet lady needs another hobby – perhaps working puzzles!


    1. As an artist myself, this story made me cringe. I’ve never really heard of anyone wanting to even repaint an entire masterpiece. I know it takes very skilled artists to redo paintings, but they have to have permission and excessive amount of time to do every detail micro inch by mircor inch to make it close to perfect as possible. Yes, I think she needs her own canvas or a nice puzzle. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. from a kids point of veiw (me) i think this is a feasco! like this person was 80 and she messed up his face. the right eye is lower then the left she made him smile which is nice but not the full picture. when i saw this i laughed(after 30 seconds) but still i am watching adventure time right now :P:P:P and now a fun pun

    which presedent was less guilty

    lincon he was ”in a cent”




    1. Oh my goodness you are such a little comedian! I like your joke, “in a cent” (innocent!). I like your view too about the painting and your rabbit picture. 🙂 A kid’s point of view is always funny and you just proved that point tonight. Hugs and kisses from mommy! xoxo


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