Behind the scenes of “The Hobbit”

Hey everyone!

So, who is ready for “The Hobbit”? I sure am! I’ve read the book and I am beyond myself until the film comes out. On YouTube, I have subscribed to Peter Jackson’s channel to keep up to date with production with his video blogs. I thought I’d share this video for all my fellow LOTR fans out there.

Video credit: Peter Jackson

5 thoughts on “Behind the scenes of “The Hobbit”

  1. Alex Nikinauta

    Hi JavaGirl, liked to see the video, this film in my opinion will be a box-office champion in theaters the images and the characters are amazing !

  2. Michelle Gillies

    If I wasn’t ready before, I sure am now. That was a great video post. I am going to have to check out some of the Post Production videos. Thanks,

    1. Me too! “The Hobbit” is a childhood classic for me. I especially am looking forward to seeing and hearing Smaug as he was always fascinating to me. I liked his riddles too. They are keeping Smaug ultra secret as he’s one of the coolest characters in the movie.

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