Jeremy Renner can sing!

If you’re a big Jeremy Renner fan such as myself, you’ll like this video. This man can sing, act, play piano, beat up bad guys in films and build homes. He’s killing me with all his talent! Someone introduce me to this man right now! Lol! So on August 10th, we went to watch “The Bourne Legacy” starring the charming and talented Jeremy Renner. I’ve watched his other movies before, but I was curious to see how he’d hold up a Bourne sequel. I’ll have to admit, I’ve never watch any of the Bourne films as they never really caught my attention or interest. I like my Mission Impossible and James Bond films much more. But I gave this one a chance. I even went far as to watch “The Bourne Supremacy” to see what a Bourne film was like. Eh. Renner was amazing in “The Bourne Legacy” and Edward Norton was fabulous in trying to track him down. I was much more impressed with this film and the team. It’s interesting to me the incredible difference in writing styles of films, the whole dialogue and how it flows with the storyline compared to my favorite spy films and the way their characters spoke to each other. Someone said the writer from the previous Bourne films wasn’t the one who wrote for the current Bourne film, hence the reason why I watched “The Bourne Supremacy” to compare writing styles.

Sorry, I’ve been missing in action. The previous week I was busy and this week I’ve been battling a stomach virus. Going on day 4 with this and I’m getting a little better each day. I just have to lay off the pizza and settle for jello and toast instead. Thanks for your patience and all the views while I’ve been gone. My vacation is coming up and I’ll definitely include you in what I do with blogs and photos, of course.

So the next time you see Jeremy Renner all buff and running up and down roofs and climbing mountains shooting at drones in the sky, remember this man has a very nice voice which has been heard in other movies he’s been in. I leave you now with the talented Jeremy Renner below.

Did I mention he also went to Afghanistan to bring awareness about landmines? This man has a good heart. To learn more about Jeremy Renner, please visit JeremyLeeRenner to find out about his latest projects and interviews.

Video Credit: SassyEgg
Video Credit: United Nations

Photo credit: The Hollywood Reporter

4 thoughts on “Jeremy Renner can sing!

  1. Michelle Gillies

    Oh, my lovely friend wouldn’t the two of you make a perfect couple. The best thing is how much he obviously loves and respects his Mother. You can tell a lot about a man by how they are with their Mother. Not to mention he can help you with your makeup 😉
    Feel better soon.

    1. He is the perfect man isn’t he? Sigh. What you say rings true and something I always make sure to vet when I start dating someone. One of the first questions I may ask a guy on a date is how he is with his mother and his answer usually gives me a clue. I’ve discovered from experience that the guys who were close to their mothers were always the most respectful towards me. He can do my makeup any darn day if he wants! What I like about him is his humble heart in interviews and how poised he is when he’s asked the most invasive questions as he is extremely private. We do have a lot in common actually! I’m not a psycho fan who follows him on twitter and tweets him every second or follow him on Facebook. I basically wanted to write this blog to show others that there is more to him than just an actor. He’s so much more than that. If I ever met him, I’d love to talk to him about charities and his experiences with them along with some new ones he might want to check out that are dear to my heart. Thanks for the wishes. I hope I feel better too. Now, let me get back to daydreaming of him and I drinking our Americano coffees and discussing our favorite charities. 🙂

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