Caught in an ocean storm on a boat!

Hello friends!

After a crazy 3 storm and feeling like I was in one of those “Deadliest Catch” episodes, I am dry and safe. Not sure if I told you guys I was going on a 6 hour LightHouse Tour on a charter boat this past Sunday. Well, there I was with my mom, Adventure Boy and my mom’s two friends. My mom initially thought the cruise was 3 hours long, but come to find out it was 6 hours long which changed plans a bit. We quickly ran over to the world’s hottest store by the bay to get some hoagies. I never felt so hot in a store before, it was hotter than any store I’ve ever been in Brazil and Brazil can get hot! So, we waited in the sauna-esque store and crawled out with our hoagies with tongues hanging out our mouths. Ok. Maybe not, but it felt like it. We were one of the last to board the boat since everyone else had boarded and we took off for an adventure. I love adventures if you haven’t already noticed and I’m sure (and hope) I’ll have many more.

From the video below, you’ll see it starts off nice and normal. Unfortunately, my camera had gotten so wet and was being rebellious, I wasn’t able to capture the lightning storm all around us and the choppy waters. You can see dark skies in the horizon towards the end.

I had forgotten how much I love being out in the water. The sun was blazing hot, only to be outdone by the cool breeze we all felt on the boat. I would love to have a boat of my own to go out in the ocean. So, basically we take off and I’m loving how the sun feels and what I see before me. The ocean is one beast you do not mess with. The depth and width she holds is massive. We even passed some dolphins swimming around in the distance.

We saw some nice Lighthouses as you can see on the video and I missed capturing one far off in the distance. At one point before the 3 storms all came together, the waters were so choppy everyone on the boat was walking around like a drunk-it was comical. The spray of the ocean was coming up and splashing everyone, but I was loving it. Even though I had carefully curled my hair and made it look nice, it was a mess due to the high winds and being splashed, but it was it worth it! So, Jean and myself sat up front of the boat and admired the light show off in the distance. Then we started getting more and more splashed by the water in front of the boat and the thunder rolled in. There was one other woman out with us and she was sitting against the boat facing the tip of the boat. She was laughing and saying, “I’m already soaked, I might as well stay out here!” Amen sister! A girl after my own heart. The three of us held on tight to whatever was convenient to hold on to and the lightning was coming closer. The sky was dark and the clouds menacing looking. At one point the boat looked like it was about to tip over. I think I was out there for a good 15 minutes before a lightening came a bit too close for my comfort and I was holding on to something steel. I walked back and forth (due to the boat moving side to side) inside where everyone else was. Upon entering, people were soaking wet and just sitting…a conversation here and there. One lady took a look at me and said, “You are CRAZY for being out there!” to which I replied, “Yeh, but I love the rain and I’ve been on many boat trips.” She still said I was crazy to which I still replied, “I was having fun!”. It’s tough to argue with boring, critical and non-adventureous people. I feel sorry for them. I moved and sat next to my mom who told me, “Doesn’t this remind you of when were going down the Amazon river?” Of course, I do. I love my mom. She’s cool and she knows and can tell you many Amazon adventure stories.

Eventually the storm passed and it got dark. The lightning storm headed out to land and we got to see nature at its best with a light show off in the distance. It was a peaceful ride and surreal.

One of the members of this society who was on the boat said this boat ride was the worst he had ever been on and he’d been on many! Due to the storm, we only got to se 3 lighthouses instead of 8. It’s ok, I won’t forget this ride.

4 thoughts on “Caught in an ocean storm on a boat!

  1. Michelle Gillies

    I am sooooo with you on this one Girl! I would be right up front hanging on and loving every minute of it. There is nothing like being on the water.
    Your Mom obviously fell into the “Gilligan’s Island 3 hour tour trap”. Six hours would be amazing. What an adventure…ok, can you tell I am jealous? 😉


    1. Aww, you are awesome Michelle! I think you would do well going on a boat down the Amazon river. I know you’d love it because you’d hear the different animal noises at night and see monkey jump from tree to tree on your riverboat trip. My mom and I use to take college students or visitors on boat trips down the Amazon and they loved it! They felt like Indiana Jones….


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