The Sea is Watching review

Hello again!

“The Sea is Watching” is a great movie and I highly recomend it. The trailer is “ok”, but does not give the best parts away or much of it. I’m glad I didn’t see the trailer first because I wouldn’t have been interested. Instead, I just went by the description on the back of the DVD. This wonderfully scripted movie blended Japanese culture and showed the power of determination and patience. There was a part in the middle of the movie that made my jaw drop. I was quite suprised at the sudden twist of the storyline. The twist was so well written that my jaw dropped the same time the shocked look on the characters happened. That, my friends, is awesome writing. Sometimes love stories are so predictable, it’s nice to be surprised now and then. Keeps you awake. The storyline was good, although at one point I almost fell asleep. The story was not keeping my attention. That only lasted 5 minutes before it picked up again. Perhaps I was just tired. When I watch Japanese movies, I always learn new things. For instance, I always wondered how the rice paper windows were able to withstand storms and heavy rains-sliding wooden doors, of course! I watch every detail. I also watch how the characters speak to each other and what things make the characters mad. What I love about international romance movies is how passion and love are all felt the same, but shown in different ways. So, I recommend this story about a handful of ladies who do their “service” (if you know what I mean) and the drama that encircles their everyday life.

I give it 4 coffee beans out of 5 coffee beans.

5 thoughts on “The Sea is Watching review

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  2. Michelle Gillies

    Anything that can catch you that off guard that your jaw drops is worth watching. I hate when I know exactly what will happen next all the time.

  3. Lately I cam across several recommendations about Japanese movies. I’m absolutely fascinated by their culture, but my husband refuses to watch scripted movies. Did you watch this movie scripted, with Japanese voice-over?

    1. No, the actors appeared to be talking in their own voices in the movie. The English was subtitled underneath. The narration part was either sung or voiced over by the Japanese narrator in some parts, but most of it was with the Japanese actors saying their lines.

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