Chunhyang movie review

I couldn’t find an English subtitled movie trailer for this movie, so I put up a French one instead. The movie itself has various subtitle languages to choose from, English being one of them.

Wow. First of all, I loved this movie and would definetely watch it again! The entire movie is in Korean, but it’s worth watching. I thought the storyline of this movie was amazing. This movie was so romantic and full of passion and love. I’m a hopeless romantic and this just got me to the core. I even almost cried at one scene, it was so beautiful, yet tragic. No worries, the ending is great and you’ll stand up and cheer!

The beginning of the movie starts off with a man on stage singing what appears a folklore to an audience. Get used to his singing because he’ll be narrating/singing the entire 2 hours of the movie. As he narrates/sings, the movie begins for you to see and watch the story he is telling. Thus, begins the wonderful story of Chunhyang.

This movie is about loyalty, respect and true love even at a very young age. I believe the two characters get married at the age of 15.

Another surprise is how now I fully understand the deep sentiment the flowers have to the Korean and Japanese culture. The movie has such beautiful poetry and writing, I was highly impressed. If you are a poet, you’ll love this movie. I sure did. Korean poetry is unlike any other poetry I’ve read from other cultures; the way they weave nature, feelings and human nature is unreal. The way the movie is narrated, it’s as if it is a long poem being read outloud. There is dialogue to support the poem.

I highly recommend this movie, it is worth seeing. This is a very intelligently written, beautifully photographed and edited movie. Truly impressive and so far my favorite foreign film from my list thus far!

I give it 5 coffee beans out of 5 coffee beans.

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