2 Days in Paris

Hello friends,

So, I’m a day late regarding this blog movie review. Oops. It was hot and I pretty much just cooled off at home and went to sleep. Hot days plus busy work days equals sleep. However, I’m very much awake now and ready to give my honest opinion of what I thought of this movie.

First of all, Adam Goldberg. He’s amazing with a capital “A” for acting! Adam has a very natural way of saying his lines and I enjoyed his character. Julie was a natural and appeared quite comfortable in her character. The trailer is “ok”, but doesn’t really give the best parts of the movie. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to children-it’s pretty raunchy and has an edge about it. There were some laugh out loud moments and I liked that. I didn’t see much of Paris, but I did get to see “everyday” things and culture. The relationship between “Jack” (Adam G.) and “Marion” (Julie D.) was interesting. Their relationship was normal in regards to their characters traveling across Europe, but once “Marion” got to her homeland, she seemed to really let loose. I love cross culture relationships because I’ve been in numerous ones. Ok. Not that many, but enough to laugh and say, “Ahh, I’ve been there with that one!”. Some of my ex-boyfriends have been from Egypt, Russia, Britain, Holland and Sweden. Anyways, to see Jack feel so uncomfortable during dinner while everyone else speaks French, even made me feel bad for him. This movie also pushed typical stereotypes of Americans and the French. Basically, this movie is about Jack’s and Marion’s relationship at that “turning point” in every relationship where the both of them wonder if its worth continuing with their relationship. There is nothing truly romantic about this movie; this is as “everyday and real” as it can get for these two characters.

I would give it 3 coffee beans out of 5 coffee beans.

4 thoughts on “2 Days in Paris

  1. Michelle Gillies

    That’s quite the eclectic group of exes. Makes for some interesting moments…which apparently they make use of in the movie. 😉

    1. Lol, I know right? I love different cultures. Am I global dater? Perhaps. Funny thing is, Michelle, the only guy who I fell IN love with was a nice guy from NYC who I dated several years ago. For some reason, I can’t get him out of my mind. Maybe I should blog about this on my girly blog on my blog roll. I’m hardly there tho. :/

      1. Michelle Gillies

        I think we all have one of those “lost loves”. Mine was an Irish guy from over 20 years ago. Always just there, at the back of my mind.

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