Indie movies rock!

Hello my peeps!

So, I’m back to watching and reviewing my Indie movie picks for this summer. I know I did a similar review last year. I have chosen 5 for this week. Here they are:

Monday: 2 Days in Paris starring Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg. Not sure if it’s an Indie, but am a fan of Julie! I like the country of France too, so it’s nice to see some of it in a movie. (American)

Tuesday: The Sea is Watching directed by Kei Kuma. Love Japanese culture and movies. Looks good. (Japanese)

Wednesday: Waiting List directed by Juan Carlos Tabio. The storyline seems cute and touching. Looks good. (Spanish)

Thursday: Chunhyang by Im Kwon Taek. Looks interesting. Never heard of it. Looks colorful too. (Korean)

Friday: Illegal by Olivier Masset-Depasse based on a true story. Big fan of Belgium movies! (Belgium)

The picture of my lovely candle I took a while ago. I just like it. Very calming if I say so myself. Alrighty. So, I’m heading off to have a good movie night. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow! 🙂

Peace and love.

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