Fireworks on an island….

Hello friends!

So, did you have a good 4th of July? We went to Sea Isle City to have a wonderful picnic and later to watch the fireworks by the ocean. Earlier in the day, we had seen a big and long boat carrying all the fireworks out in the ocean with our binoculars. For those who are unfamiliar with Sea Isle City, it is an island off the coast of New Jersey. Sea Isle City has become quite the family beach place to go. We use to have a beach house inland for 10 years or so, but sadly had to sell it. Luckily, in the contract for the new owners (who we personally know and are friends of ours), we get one week at our old beach each summer. People watching was nice on the boardwalk and smelling the salt air. I captured some photos when I could. My hand was a little shaky because I was talking and trying to hold my hand with the camera low enough and not block the view of people behind me. After the fireworks, I looked out into the ocean and saw the moon round as could be and very orange looking. It was so spectacular. You couldn’t see it on the video below, but there were other fireworks going off on the other island of Avalon. As we left to go inland, we saw three more fireworks going off. It was indeed a fun and happy day for all of us!

The video below:

FourthofJuly2012 from JavaGirl on Vimeo.

10 thoughts on “Fireworks on an island….

  1. Michelle Gillies

    It looks like you had a great day. That last shot with the flags and sunset…Mother Nature’s fireworks just for you. Good job on the video.

    1. That’s one of my favorite shots too. I’m looking at places to see in Toronto as we will have only one day to spend there. Any advice of where to go? 🙂

      1. Michelle Gillies

        There is no shortage of things to do and see in Toronto. There are events on constantly during the summer. This weekend the big Indy race is on. There are Science Centres, Museums, Zoos, the CN Tower, the Beaches it depends on the type of things you are looking for. I am better at recommending spots in Niagara Falls 😉

      2. How about a good place to eat, family friendly and affordable at Niagara Falls? Would love to know! How about “Hells Highway”. We plan to drive up to Toronto too…but I saw that on your map…what does it mean? :/

      3. Michelle Gillies

        Well, unfortunately, it means that it can be a very difficult drive between Toronto and Niagara. You will be travelling on the QEW. If it is during the week and not rush hour it shouldn’t be too bad. Weekends are very bad, with traffic backed up for hours sometimes.
        There are lots of great restaurants in Niagara but one of the ones that is good and that locals have been going to since before I was born is called “Falls Manor”. They have good food…not too fancy…family oriented and reasonable. Like I said the locals go to it. I belong to several groups in Niagara and will ask what they recommend so you have some choices.

    1. We had originally planned to go somewhere else, but due to the storm damage in the surrounding towns, I suggetsted the ocean. It was so pleasant the ocean breeze was wonderful. It was peaceful and very relaxing. It’s amazing how the sound of ocean waves and the relaxed atmosphere of others can make everything is going to be alright.

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