Sunday in Baltimore Harbor

We were greeted by some work of art made out of sand. Hello Baltimore!

It was a lively day and the weather was absolutely perfect!

There she is. This ship came from Rio and was making her rounds in different ports. My mom got to speak to a few of the Brazilian sailors.

Arrrr, mateys!

My favorite Blue Angels. I’ve seen them so many times I know all their maneuvers. I’ve always liked jets since I was in 6th grade and secretly wished I was a pilot. I’m such a girly girl, but wow, I love my jet airplanes!

Walking back to the car, I came across an alley and saw this. I couldn’t help myself and snapped a picture. It was just an all around perfect day. Hoped all my subscribers and friends who are fathers had a wonderful Father’s Day! Until next time!

13 thoughts on “Sunday in Baltimore Harbor

    1. Frank, I am so sorry, but I just saw this comment today! I don’t know why WP never told me I had a comment on this blog! This is my kind of festivity! Especially anything around the water. It was fun for all! Thanks for your comment!!

      1. I know, but you are my dearest friend and I would have def written right back. I hate commenting half a year later. It makes it appear that I was ignoring you. :/ Oh well. Your comments are ALWAYS appreciated! 🙂

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