Photo Challenge: Surrounded by 13 things

Oops. I realize I was late for this challenge. It was hard to take a picture of being surrounded by 13 things. I chose books, of course. Obviously, I’m a huge Grisham fan! Would love to meet one of my favorite authors and discuss his books. My favorite book of his is “The Testament” which alway blows me away everytime I read it. I’ve read it several times. Did you know Grisham actually went to South America to research for this book? That is why everything he describes (jungle sounds, the Amazon river) is right on point! He’s just awesome! I’m currently reading Thoene’s book called “Shaiton’s Fire” and I like it so far. The book is about counter terrorism and homeland security. I’m all about protecting our country. I’ve never been much of a romance reader, albeit I did try Danielle Steel’s book, but it was always the same old, same old….rich boy falls for poor girl, rich girl falls for poor boy. Yawn. Enough already. Give me a strong woman or man who fights for our protection and the team that saves the world. I’m also reading (you can see a peek of the side of the book on the left side) “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. It’s considered one of the hardest books to read and I took it as a challenge to see if it truly is. So far, I understand it because these types of books I like reading anyways; this book is just more condensed in what it’s trying to say. I also like quantum time travel or bio thriller books. So, there ya go. Now you know what kind of books I read. Moby Dick was the driest, needle in your eye painfully boring book I have ever read. Wish the whale just bit the other leg and the story would be over with. Just kidding! I also like Tolkien’s books. I find Mr. Tolkien so fascinating. His trilogy parallels what is happening in the world today. If we don’t learn from history, then we are in deep trouble. Would’ve love to have met him….which brings me to say, I am insanely impatient to see “The Hobbit” movie coming out. They are keeping Smaug ultra secret which I’m happy for. I always considered him one of my favorite characters as he was full of riddles and just a goofy dragon. Here is a preview to all my fellow LOTR fans.

3 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Surrounded by 13 things

  1. Michelle Gillies

    We have a lot of Grisham here. I just reread “The Associate” but I have to say that “The Testament” is probably my favourite of his as well. If you get a chance you should try “1Q84″ by Haruki Murakami. It is quite different from any book I have read before. Thanks for the trailer, I’m looking forward to that.

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