Photo Challenge: Someone I love

It’s no surprise I have my son as the person I love for this photo challenge. Wasn’t exactly a challenge, but fun nevertheless. Today we went with several students to Wildwood where we have a lot of fun. Here are some pictures to check out while I work on the video part of this blog. Check back later because I’ll be posting the video as soon as I upload the videos I took today. In this picture, he is watching his classmates and listening to them as they yelled hello to him as they whizzed by.

I love how blue the sky is in this one.

I love carousels and I couldn’t help myself taking this picture up close of the details of the artwork.

Finally, when I took this photo my setting was on something else and the sky was white. I figured I’d play around with this one in effects. For all the pictures in this one for the borders, I used the “default” catagory and then chose the “nolariod” on Photobucket. I’m not sure if it was a typo or to sound similar to Polaroid, but I wanted to use this border because it fit the pictures best. You’ll see me play around with borders in all my pictures.

6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Someone I love

  1. Alex Nikinauta

    I’m reading everything and seeing all your photos posted here !

    Hi Java Girl , liked the pictures , you took the picture of him from a low angle , also liked the photo carrosell ! this effect will nolaroid left photo with a cool visual !
    Espero que voçê e Ele tenha se divertido muito !
    I’ll be waiting for your posting your video OK ! My hug you guys two with Affection !

    1. Obrigado! Ele era tao alegre este dia. Eu emo ele mais e mais toda dia meu filho. Ele e muito bonitinho, mais aqui ele estave quente com o sol e estava falando para os colegos deles. Saudades para voce Alex! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Michelle Gillies

    You have managed to capture a very “fantasy” look with the photographs, especially the one with your son & the bottom carousel one. The swings in the one with your son almost make you think he is imagining them.

    1. This was a fun day and I love playing around with effects. His friends were begging himn to go on with him, but he was afraid. There were certain rides he didn’t ride due to his cast, but he went on several and had a great time. In this picture, he had just finished screaming at the top of his lungs at all his friends on the swings asking if they were having fun. Of course, you’d never know that because I told him to just gaze up towards the swings. As soon as I finished, he was back to yelling and saying funny things to his friends.

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