Photo Challenge: Low Angle

Guess where I was tonight? We arrived around 5:30 PM for our free VIP tickets, but because we came late, we were unable to personally meet Phillies Pitcher Cliff Lee. I had a very crazy deadline I had to meet and I got out of work late. We were so disappointed, but we were glad we got free food! Here are some pictures from tonight. This is my “low angle” for today’s challenge. I literally had to get on my knees to get this point of view. I’m sure the security guy was wondering what I was doing.

Same picture, just different angle and not low.

After the free hotdogs given to us, I couldn’t help myself to get cotton candy!

Loved the sunset….

Jimmmy Rollins was doing awesome tonight! Three home runs! I was hoping that this night we went that the Phillies would beat the Dodgers!

It was fun to be there and everyone was pretty friendly. Sometimes I think the Philly fans get a bad rap being at sports game, but everyone tonight seemed pretty jovial. There was the occasional boos here and there at one particular player (Ruiz), but overall people were very excited and jumping around when we got a home run!

6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Low Angle

  1. On the first two pics, I was wondering Robin Roberts? … and then the answer. Well done.

    Free tickets with free food to a ballpark is always good. Is it possible that the fans where saying roooo instead of booooo? Cheers … you had a good time.

    1. I did have a very good time! The free tickets were given by the Children’s Hospital where my son had been for 3 weeks. We came through the VIP suite and lobby area. We felt like royalty because its not the same entrance as everyone else has to go through. Believe me, they were saying BOOOOO. I felt so bad for the player!! I’d like to go to another sports game.

      1. Interestingly, Ruiz is having a good year, and one of his best. Oh well, I also know that Philly fans don’t hold back their boos and will be Santa Claus if necessary. Glad you had a good time.

  2. Michelle Gillies

    Your low angle really brings Mr. Roberts to life. All the shots make me want to go to a ball game (something I have never experienced).

    1. Thanks Michelle! I like his picture a lot too and he appears larger than life. The statue itself is pretty tall. It was at least 7-8 feet tall? I’m guessing. This was my second time going and I had a blast! People were having a lot of fun and we really enjoyed ourselves. I think you should try it once!

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