Photo Challenge: From a high angle

This was a hard one. I had a very busy day today and believe me, I tried to get a high angle picture. So I went into my archives and pulled this picture out from when we visited the new Memorial and Museum of September 11th last November. The reason why I chose this picture is because at one point, the Twin Towers held a very high angle of all things below. I had a chance of going up into the Twin Towers where they once stood. It was hard to stand where the towers use to be and look below to ground level. It was also good to visit the site and see how they are rebuilding the area. The Survivor Tree was especially interesting to see and so parallel in how the human spirit still can blossom again after hardships. Below is the video of the picture I took. You can even see the same people in the video as you do in my picture. Look carefully and you’ll see them. Hope everyone had a great day today. A big warm welcome to my latest subscribers. I am always humbled when someone subscribes to me. Thank you.

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