Photo Challenge: Something Green

Trees! Grass! I refused to take any pictures of the very obvious. Driving around, I did notice a lot of the signs for businesses use dark green with gold. Maybe it’s just a South Jersey thing. I had several ideas for this one, but due to time constraints, I took this photo last minute standing in the rain. It was not a good day for a few reasons. However, in less than half an hour the show “The Bachelorette” comes on. I wrote a post about the first episode on my “Girly Blog” in my BlogRoll, but have yet to review the previous two episodes. All I can say is that she either chooses Sean or she doesn’t pick anyone! Just please, please don’t let it be Arie! Wait until you see where I’ll be taking the photo for Wednesday’s photo challenge. I’m so excited! One clue…it’s a very big place!

7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Something Green

  1. Michelle Gillies

    I love the contrast of the perfect green on the black background. With the raindrops it all looks lush and tropical.

    1. I’m so glad you pointed that out. I didn’t think of tropical, but now I see it. I was thinking with the raindrops a freshness of a new day and new beginnings. I haven’t done today’s challenge yet. I’m having trouble finding something to photograph from a high angle!

      1. Michelle Gillies

        Try something ordinar. Like a pair of shoes. It will be the angle that makes the shot different.

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