Photo Challenge: Clouds

Ok. I must admit. When I saw that today’s photo challenge was going to be “clouds”, I wasn’t looking forward to it as I think pictures of clouds can be extremely tricky to make it stand out. So, last night I looked over the weather channel and it said we’d have a “sunny with no clouds” morning and some “scattered clouds” in the afternoon with a chance of a small shower. Hm. This afternoon, we packed up our hoagies and drinks to have a little picnic while watching parachuters. I’ve come here for the past 11 years and it’s always fun to watch them. I had taken about 15 pictures of clouds while we ate, but settled on this one you see above because it was the last one and I just liked it. The weather was beautiful and it even did rain with the sun shining bright as ever. During our stay there, we saw a World War II plane, helicopter and two other 2 seater planes. One parachuter almost landed in the picnic area by two feet! It was windy, so who knows what really happened. So, this is my picture of clouds. Tomorrow I have to photograph something green.

If you are curious as to what list I am following, you can go to the June 1st blog. It has the 30 day list.

7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Clouds

  1. Michelle Gillies

    Your “pop” of colour really adds to the clouds. I was looking at your list yesterday and was wondering where it came from. Is there a specific site or post that initiates this challenge?

    1. Pinterest baby! You can find things like this randomly, but it’s one of those things you see on a day by day basis because people are constantly uploading quotes and sayings over there.

      1. Michelle Gillies

        Pinterest! The new black. It’s funny how every day I find a new reason to spend time there. 😉

      2. Indeed. It’s very addicting and I love how people have different craft ideas. Are you on it? Let me know so I can follow you. 🙂 Oh. If you do, don’t forget to follow my friend Brian Worley. He’s a great party planner, but has beautiful things on his Pinterest board. Tell him I sent ya! 😉

      3. Michelle Gillies

        I think we are already following each other. I know I am following you. I will check out Brian Worley.

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