Photo Challenge: Something I wore today

I wanted my seashell necklace to be the focal point of the photograph of what I wore today, not just a typical photograph of me wearing shorts and a tank top. Where did I get this necklace? I believe I got it at Ocean City. I think. I hope. I’ve had it for quite some time and I always wear it during the summer. Around this time last year, I was busy packing for our road trip down to Florida to hop on a cruise to the Bahamas. I thought I might give a friendly nod with this picture to my wonderful memories of the Blue Lagoon where we swam with dolphins. Something about wearing this necklace that makes me feel a bit more free spirited (than I already am). I already feel like I want to go somewhere tropical such as Belize or a Central American country. I’ll be at the boardwalk this coming Saturday June 9th so I will be taking in all the ocean activities!

5 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Something I wore today

  1. I love how necklaces can be made out of almost anything. I like seashells the best because they remind me of the peaceful sounds and sights of the ocean. 🙂

    1. It was extremely easy actually. I just stood in front of the mirror with my camera pointed towards my necklace. From the mirror, I could see the angle and didn’t have to crop it at all. I use the effects from Photobucket. I had three pictures of this necklace all with different effects. I chose this one only because it had more color. Thanks for stopping by!

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