Before the year ends…

Hello! What’s up with the long two weeks that I haven’t blogged, you may wonder. The past 2 weeks have been crazy busy and it has taken a toll. I just wanted to really relax the past weekend. Work hard, relax harder.

My mom is feeling much better. For a while there, I thought this might be our last Mother’s Day with the way she’s been feeling. It’s hard to see a parent go through cancer; there are the many ups and downs of emotions. We are now in one of those up stages. She is back to feeling herself and I can breathe a sigh of relief. Thank goodness for medicines these days as it helps the remaining years happy ones. I can’t thank people enough who unselfishly donate to find a cure for this disease. For any disease. The mind and spirit is so strong. I admire people who have limited time yet they live life to the fullest.

So, we were coming back from spending a wonderful time out in the country visiting friends when we saw this sunset. Earlier, we had seen one of those paragliding planes glide across the sky with the sun in the background. The dude landed before I could snap his picture and post online (lol) so we saw this scene here. I jumped out of the car, ran across the road and took this one instead. As we drove off, my mom mentioned how she is not looking forward to June 21st as the sun disappear faster as the result of shorter days thereafter. She loves the long days of sun where you can fit in as much activity while the sun is up.

Which brings me to a question a blogger asked her subscribers.

What are at least 3 things that you want to do for the first time before the year ends?

Here are mine.

1. Go see some hot air balloons.

2. Go jet skiing.

3. Buy myself an awesome archery set and channel my inner Katniss. Actually, I was doing archery way before the movie came out. I just wasn’t shooting at animals. I saw this one guy target an aspirin pill with his arrow and hit it! What a boss! Impressive.

In High School down in Brazil, they introduced archery during Field Day and I set a record and won first place. Since then, it has been broken.

Do you have 3 things you want to do before the year ends?

10 thoughts on “Before the year ends…

  1. Michelle Gillies

    Java Girl,
    From age 10-12 I watched my Mom go through cancer and what it entailed at the time. I know how hard it is to watch someone you love be ravaged by this disease. The good news is you are right about the treatments “these days”. At age 35, I myself went through the cancer battle and I was able to 1st hand see the difference those 25 years made in treatment. Seven years after that my older sister also went through it and even that 7 years made a huge difference in the treatments. It really is remarkable.
    Enjoy your time off, enjoy your beautiful sunsets, but most of all enjoy your Mom.

    1. Wow Michelle! You are a tropper! Glad things are well with you and your sister. Medicines are always changing, even day by day. I enjoyed my 3 day weekend. It’s back to work though. But I sure love my weekends! Hope Canada is giving you some beautiful days! 🙂 Thanks for all your comments. I really love reading them.

  2. Hey, nice to see you back & glad that your Mom is doing well. My Mom is a survivor too & now it’s almost seven years! We all went through a tough phase when she was diagnosed but the fighter she is, battled it out. Her courage motivated us to support her equally.
    I have few things on list that I would like to try it out, not sure if that will happen before year end. Scuba Dive, Cross country drive & learn Spanish 🙂

    1. Aww, you are so sweet Yatin! My mom was diagnosed about 10 years ago. She’s in remission now. The weakness she felt was from her withdrawing from steroids which gives her energy. Her doctor was weaning her off of it. But she was not bouncing back after weaning off and it was a big concern for her doctor because she was getting weake and weaker. So, she is back on it again and gaining all the energy she once had. There is no cancer cells in her body, but she still feels tired without certain medicines she takes. Sorry for the long reply! Thanks for stopping by! Scuba diving sounds fun! Your comments are always appreciated!

  3. josiahcorona87

    Good to hear from you, even if it is under these circumstances. I love the archery idea 🙂 do it and tell us about it! As for me 1. Write & play more music 2. Finish the books I have 3. Write in NNWM

    1. Hey thanks J! I’m doing well. Just have been super busy. June will bring some fun things, you’ll see it on my blogs. I will most certainly tell you all about it. I have to find one of those foam boards from a sports store to put the bulls eye target on. My goal is an asprin pill target about 15 feet away, just like Byron Ferguson who is hailed as the best archer in the US. I love challenges and I’m taking it upon myself to do that too.

    2. Btw. What is NNWM???? Oh, I finished The Hunger Games book. I’ll write about it at my OTHER blog! I’ll show you via my twitter account, so be on the lookout for that. 😀

  4. Cancer has touched most of us in a variety of ways – so, glad to hear that your mom is doing better. I hope for even better days ahead … and for strength to you in the battle.

    1. Thanks Frank! I felt as though my mom was getting depressed as a result with her weakness. She’s a go getter and always busy. That’s just how she is so these past two months of not being able to even get out of bed or walk was making her not her usual self. She’s feeling good and I call her everyday to see how her day was. She loves when I do that. She lives 45 minutes away so I can’t see her everyday. I do see her on the weekends and help around the house of things that she can’t do. Your words are so special to me. It means a lot for me to read that you hope for strength. I consider myself a very strong person internally, but sometimes when no one knows, it’s great to hear words of encouragement. It’s all I need to hear and I feel once again strong. I can once again pick up my shield of hope and deflect sadness. Thank you my friend. You are a gem as so my other dear friends I have made here on WP.

      1. Do what you can. My mother fought cancer many years ago. Our current home was being built, but the 3-hr car trip was too difficult, so she never made it here … and I recall taking many pictures and samples for her to see. I’ve always thought that our house was the first place she visited. Meanwhile, do what you can and stay strong.

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