We live in toyland!

Happy Saturday everyone!

I have a very busy schedule today, but I quickly wanted to share this video with you. I’ve only seen this method of video/photography once before, but happened to stumble upon this video this morning. This method is called tilt shift and I have a link below if you want an easy tutorial of how to make your own tilt shift video.

Everything looks like little toys, including the people! The initial seconds of it with the buildings looking exactly like miniature models was mindblowing, especially the roofs of the houses. The video is fast paced, but it adds to the affect. The way the water moves and the boats on them was quite fascinating to me. Thailand is one of those countries I have on my bucket list to visit someday.

Tilt Shift Method below:


Video credit: LittleBigWorld

11 thoughts on “We live in toyland!

      1. Thank you! I write about random stuff as you can tell. The UK is one of my favorite countries to visit so I’m always happy when someone in the UK stops by or they have a great blog about life there.

    1. I love the docks, it really looked unreal! You almost want to say, “awww, how cute and sweet” and only come to realize it’s really a full size place! 🙂

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