Girl Talk…

Ladies! I need your help. Guys, feel free to comment too if you wish. I welcome all advice.

Anyways, this is another one of my random girl talk blogs. I hope you have a man in your life that tells you that your smile sparkles and that you are the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. It feels good to hear those words especially coming from this song. I absolutely love how Steve Tyrell sings this song, that’s why I chose it for this blog. If you are not familiar with this melody, it was featured in the movie “Father of the Bride”. I’ve always loved movies that showed a close father and daughter friendship because I never had one growing up.

I relish in the close friendship I had with my late grandfather. We would’ve slowed danced to this song together if he was still living today because he and I use to dance when I was 5 years old. I would put my feet on top of his feet as we danced around and around the room. Good times! He was my own Fred Astaire. Did you know he use to take me to see old Fred Astaire movies when all my other friends were being taken to see Disney movies? My mom use to get upset at him for taking me to see black and white movies, but I didn’t care. It was just cool to be with him. That’s all that mattered. To this day, I still love black and white films and especially Fred Astaire. I also like this song because it makes me blush; oh to hear this sung to me would make me the happiest of all mortals. My first choice would be Steve Tyrell, but Jason Mraz or Michael Buble would do just fine as I am huge fans of them. Ok, having all three sing to me would be a dream come true, but I guess nothing comes close to a personal song sung by someone who is brave enough to sing it.

I’m looking for a red dress for some upcoming events I have to go to. With a red dress, should I go for red shoes or another color? I plan to wear long dangly silver earrings, but I’m still not sure of what style of shoes. I’ll wear my hair down, although I’m looking around Pinterest for a good hairstyle. They always ask, “What do you want to do on your birthday?” and often I say “It doesn’t matter! Surprise me!” Not this year! I’m going to take a poll just for fun to see what you guys think. I’d love to know. Here are my choices that I have picked of what I’d like to do for my birthday early June. If you’d like to add anything funny or interesting, feel free to add it below. The past years have been very calm in celebrating my birthday, but this year I want a little bit more of excitement!

10 thoughts on “Girl Talk…

      1. Yes, I do love the movie very much. It’s just another great excuse to go to the city that will forever hold my heart and soul. Thanks for the comment!

  1. Whatever you chose, it needs to be fun with people. Example – although a play is an enjoyable event, the play is more of the event than people getting together. Whereas on a dinner cruise, there is a lot of interaction. Just a thought.

    1. I agree! I suggested the Mystery Dinner Theatre because that has major interaction because of the actors running around getting the restaurant in on it. I’ve gone to one when I was in Junior High and I had so much fun! I’d love to go to one again, perhaps “Tony and Maria’s Wedding” (the show).

    1. Ay caramba! Oh, will do. I will see if there are any red cool shoes. I might change the color of my dress last minute, but I’m sticking to red right now. 🙂

  2. Java Hi girl, I chose the restaurant Serendipity! Because I know you like the movie.But also another idea that I had.To brighten your day very special for you.Well, you know I live in Brazil! Bad suppose I lived there in New York! Knowing in advance that you booked a lunch or dinner at Serendipity.I was going to surprise you!I would combine with the Owner of Serendipity to be only a bad waiter at your table this would be my surprise.For me meet you, and do some funny things without you knowing! Of course all combined with the owner of Serendipity! Just to see your reaction to a waiter who does not understand English.
    For example you ask a waiter for me.Please waiter would eat Chicken.óh senhorita voçê me acha Chic muito obrigado ! Just to see you laughing at my antics!Right now the owner of Seredipity comes and tells you! Miss I’m sorry my waiter he only got a week here and not understand English very well! Bad he is striving to learn and be a good waiter!Well, I tell you that if it appears there in a Serendipity gaçom’m saying that I suspect I am not.Rsrsrs This story is just a creative idea that I had for you to read and of course make you laugh! lol this time I hit the record commenting on your blog!

    1. Gosto muito de long comments-they are the best! Gacom (whistle)!! Sabe, gostei do sua estoria! Rsrs! Well, I think your waiter idea is quite charming and yes, it would make me laugh! However; I think I will put the Serendipity for just fun and hang out, but for my birthday I’m going to do one of those fun dinner theatre shows….where the actors are your waiters and the entire evening is a show! I love theatre, but I love to eat too so combine those two things and you’ve got a dinner theatre show! 😀

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