Making Shabby Chic the Manly way!

Hi guys!

Yes, I know I’ve been missing in action regarding posting blogs and I apologize. I still read the blogs I subscribe to and do a lot of behind the scenes stuff with fellow bloggers who are my friends. I’ve read some pretty funny blogs recently and they always put a smile (and laughter) to my mornings and nights. I also subscribe to several people on YouTube and I am insanely behind in catching up with their Vblogs as well. Other than that, everything is cool and good. My camera is not cooperating, so I haven’t been able to upload pictures like I want to. Hopefully, soon I will get a new camera and I will start showing you all my adventures I have planned for the rest of the year.

So the other day, I was channel surfing and looking for something interesting to watch on tv and I came upon a show called “The Bronson Pinchot Project” on the DIY channel. I checked out one of his episodes and fell in love with it! I’m a huge shabby chic decor nut and I always thought, “If I ever get married and I want to make my house shabby chic, how can I make it neutral so it’s not completely girly?”. Well, the heaven’s opened and the angels sang and viola! Down comes this show which answered my question. What I love about this show is that Bronson (who has always loved antique things and refurnishing homes) has a vast amount of knowledge of architecture and history of the 18th century decor and beyond. Most people don’t know I love architecture. I literally can walk around any town or city in the world and just be awed and inspired by how a building looks. I look at every detail of the buildings and it just mesmerizes me. Back to Bronson. So, Mr. Pinchot (aka Balki from the show “Perfect Strangers”) not only rebuilds his homes, but he rebuilds them with really old doors, light fixtures and walls. He seriously goes nuts about ancient glass panels and frames-it’s kinda cute to watch. Pretty much how I am whenever I enter Pier 1 Imports and I am suddenly like a kid at a candystore. Sounds crazy when he describes what he wants done in a room, but the end results are genius! I’m still surprised HGTV hasn’t picked his show up as his show is a lot better than what they have on there now. Luckily, his show has been renewed on DIY and I’m looking forward to the new episodes.

I’ve always been a fan of Bronson, especially when he played the fun lovin’ Balki. I had to do some massive research online to see what makes this man tick and what inspires him to create such interesting homes. One of the coolest things I discovered is that he’s also a huge Mozart fan such as myself! Relevent to his inspirations of his interests is that he mentioned his mother was the biggest influence due to her wanting her kids to focus on Shakespeare and the core classics of studies. She knew eventually her kids would like pop culture later on, so she didn’t rush her kids to have or know everything that was “in” at the moment, therefor; allowing Bronson to focus on 18th century architecture and literature. This reminds me of how my mother got me interested in Mozart and the classical music when I was only 3 years old. She didn’t want to rush me to listen to “rock music” early on like my friends were doing. But later in life, of course, I’ve come to appreciate all kinds of music, but classical music will always be my first love. In Brazil, we stayed at this really big place which just screamed amazing Portuguese architecture and as a small child, I’d sit on the steps and dream about what kind of people lived there before as I took in every detail of the arched doorways and paintings on the ceilings.

Ok. If you don’t get DIY channel, you can always catch some of his shows on YouTube.

Here’s another clip which I found pretty funny of Bronson doing his Balki impersonation!

Video credit: AlyceJeniffer

10 thoughts on “Making Shabby Chic the Manly way!

  1. I love classical music and especially Mozart is my favorite composer. I have always have good memory from his music, I used to fall asleep to his music as a child. I will also check the video out! Have a beautiful day!


    1. Which song do you like of his?! I love, LOVE his Piano Concerto No. 21- Andante. I’ve heard that song since I was a toddler. The best composer who ever lived. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day as well!


  2. Michelle Gillies

    You have made me want to do “The Dance of Joy”! I am a fan of Bronson Pinchot and love all the stuff you shared about him that I did not know. I do know I am going to enjoy watching these episodes. I will look for the availability in Canada but may have to resort to the YouTube episodes.


    1. Hi Michelle! My warmest greetings to the beautiful country of Canada! I’ve actually done the “dance of joy” with a friend of mine back in Junior High (blush). There is so much more about this man that is really quite fascinating. To find out more about his projects, head over to his personal blog and you’ll see his pictures and questions his fans have asked him. I love it when celebrities have their own website and especially when they blog. I hope you are able to see his show on the DIY channel!


  3. kloipy

    that’s so funny that you mentioned that show, I just saw it the other day and couldn’t turn away. He will always be Balki and that bald spot he has doesn’t change a thing.
    It’s funny how the older you get the more you get interested in HGTV. It’s like the perfect channel


    1. I agree! I was a bit late getting into the HGTV, not because I didn’t like it, it was because I was watching other shows. I got more into it when they started the Eco Homes Contests on there that stirred my attention. DIY is another cool channel I’m just getting into too. They don’t run the “Perfect Strangers” shows here, that I know of. I have to catch it on YouTube and once I see it on there, I laugh so much, it’s still so funny! Such a good show!


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