It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.

Hi everyone!

How is everyone? Well, Adventure Boy and I are finally back from the Children’s Hospital after being there for the past 3 weeks. AB had to pass certain walking requirements by the Physical Therapists (one leg is in a cast and the other is in a brace) in order to come home. It feels amazing to be back home again. We’ve missed our cozy home.

Saying goodbye to all the wonderful medical professionals who have helped AB these past 3 weeks has been a little hard. I’ve never been good with goodbye’s and this wasn’t any easier. It’s not goodbye, it’s just see you later-which is actually the truth. We’ll be back there in a month for follow ups and more physical therapy, hence the title of this blog. What. Did you actually think I was leaving WordPress? I love this site. Never! I’m determined to get a million hits by the time I’m 90 years old. Lol. Anyways, let me tell you about some of the people who really impacted our stay while we were away in no particular order.

Miss Debbie. She was one of the many cleaning ladies there and she always came in with a happy demeanor. One day, while she was changing the next bed’s linens, AB was getting Physical Therapy. This day, AB had to just take 2-3 steps, but it was so painful for him. AB was crying say, “I can’t, I can’t! It hurts too much!”. An hour later, Miss Debbie came in and gave one of the best motivational speeches I ever heard. I almost cried. She encouraged AB to try his best and to keep going. AB listened. At first, AB was silently mouthed to me, “Who is this woman?”, I just shook my head and said, “Just listen to her.” The next few days, Miss Debbie would come in and always check on AB and to see how he was doing. He even showed her how he had improved and she’d get all excited.

Alex. He transported the kids to their Physical Therapy. He was pretty cool and always had a smile on his face. He talked a lot to AB and was incredibly sweet to him.

AB’s rehab nurse, Therese. If there wasn’t the coolest rehab nurse on this planet, then she would be it. Therese’s bubbly personality and fun antics, AB’s stay would’ve been boring. The nurses at the other floor after the operation were all exceptional. At first we thought the nurses at the rehab were a bit boring until we met Therese. AB really got attached to her and got along great with her.

The male nurse at the other floor. Not to be too specific, but he was the sweetest male nurse I ever met. AB also got very attached to him because he was so gentle and fun-loving with him. I hope we get him again in the future. In never saw a nurse more attentive to AB other than Therese there.

The magician. After we went to the rehab floor, we went down to the main floor to watch a magician. This hospital has their own tv and radio show just for the kids at the entire hospital. The magician did a trick for all the kids and even got AB to be involved in two of them.

All American Rejects. We met them there as they stopped by to say hello to the kids and be on the radio. AB met all of them and got a picture with the lead singer. A lot of famous celebrities have stopped by that hospital, but they always leave it to the last minute to tell the patients so that there isn’t a mad rush for non patients to see them. It was a quiet group, but it was cool to see them. AB likes two of their songs. He has their autograph in a safe place.

The cleaning man. I’m not sure what his name was, but he would come around 8pm to change the trash in our rooms. He was always so friendly and helpful. I talk to everyone no matter what their job is. Once he saw how friendly I was, he’d come in with stories to tell even though his stay was short. He’s also ask how AB was feeling.

The breakfast and lunch lady. She would bring in AB’s food (and sometimes mine) with the greatest smile. Service with a smile. I’d thank her every time for our great food and would tell her to tell the chef how much I loved his omelets. Sometimes, when she would not be on the floor, we’d get others who would just drop the food off and leave without saying a word. This lady was just a ray of sunshine for us at 7:30 in the morning. I’ll miss her along with all the other nameless nurses, doctors and staff members who were just as nice to us during our stay.

The two sweet therapy dogs who stopped by AB’s bed to say hello and wag their tails. Such beautiful creatures with enormous amounts of unconditional love to give to children who are stuck in bed.

Last but not least, Kristy the Physical Therapist (intern). Kristy was the one who really helped AB to be able to walk more than 2 steps in rehab. The other day, AB used his crutches and walked over 30 steps. How do you thank someone like her for doing all that work to help your child take steps using crutches and a walker? She was amazing and AB and her got along incredibly well. It was her last day interning and I could have sworn I saw her wipe a tear away during the last session which then made me want to tear up myself. But I held it in, it was tough, but I held in that one huge teardrop that wanted to just splash over. She’ll make a fantastic PT someday! We will both miss her a lot, but we’ve met the other PT’s there and will see them again very soon.

Even though, we met some incredible people it feels so good to be back home. We are settling in now and enjoying our privacy. We’d had 6 different roommates since we’ve been gone at the hospital so it’s nice to be in our own place.

Have you ever been somewhere for a few days, weeks, months or years where you met people who impacted your stay or life?

One of the reasons I love this movie “Big Fish” is because it’s not only quirky, but beautiful in how it ends. I’d want to see every single person who entered my life (be it a few hours or so) who truly left an impact on my life. I’m not saying, everyone, but certain people who helped me along life’s journey. I think that would be a beautiful way to go just as this movie displayed. No matter what job you have or what volunteer job you may do, you do leave an impact on someone’s life along the way. Everyone has a purpose. From the doctors all the way down to the people who sweep the floors. Trust me.

One more thing. If you haven’t seen this movie, definitely check it out. It’s worth seeing! I own this movie and have seen it many times. However; every single time I see this part, I shed a tear.

Lots of love.

JavaGirl’s Life

6 thoughts on “It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.

    1. That means so much to me Frank. I wrote this blog from the heart, but sometimes I wonder if my readers even care, but you’ve proved me wrong. I suppose my readers like the flowers and other things (which is fine), but it takes a lot (since I’m a private person) to write about other things going on in my life which means more to me. Thanks for stopping by! I’ll stop by your blog very soon! First day back at work after 3 weeks!


  1. Big Fish is a fantastic movies…one of my favorites. And you are beautiful person to take such notice of these outstanding people who probably don’t think very much about how their personalities and actions impact those around them….


    1. Well, one of the reasons I didn’ blog a lot in April is because at the hospital, you have to wifi through their own website so they can probably see everything you read or write online. So I had to wait a bit until after I left (3 weeks later) to blog at my own leisure. There is a reason why the hospital was voted as the best hospital in the country if not the world for children. They have their own tv and radio stations with celebrities dropping in randomly. Adventure boy and I got VIP Baseball passes to meet and greet the pitcher of the Phillies. That will be in June! Everyone was nice there. I was very impressed how everyone was so friendly and helpful because it does take a toll staying in a room with hardly any privacy, but I just made it a point to talk and converse to the people I saw on a daily schedule. They really make a point in hiring people with fantastic personalities from doctors to the people who delivered your food. Oops. Long comment! Should have emailed you this, but it’s ok if everyone can read this comment! 😀


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