Some kind of wonderful

Ciao everyone!

First of all, how are you? The gorgeous place pictured above is Portofino, Italy off of the Tigullio Gulf. This is one of those photographs where you can sit there and imagine a lot of things about it. In fact, it’s so captivating it has inspired me to oil paint it in the near future. Oil painting has always been a passion of mine, but lately nothing has really inspired me until I saw this photo. It will be nice to once again pick up a paintbrush and carefully create a little masterpiece. I’m just a little concerned about the buildings as they are faced in a slight diagonal position so I’ll have to work on the depth perception and shades of the shadows on the walls and buildings. Painting the trees with 3 different sets of brushes will be the most fun, in my opinion. If I’m brave enough, perhaps I’ll showcase my final artwork on WordPress. I tend to give away my artwork for free to friends, but I think for the first time ever I’ll just keep this one and hang it up in my dining room. I’ll be happily listening to some great Italian music as I paint.

Have a great Thursday everyone!


Photo credit: ItalyTraveler

6 thoughts on “Some kind of wonderful

  1. Oh my my … this is great … and thanks for rekindling one of my favorite memories. It was 5 years ago. We just boarded the cruise ship and our room was in the rear of the ship … first stop Portofino!

    One of my favorite joys of cruising is the first view in the morning after getting up. On that day, we anchored in the bay, and opening the curtains provided me with an unforgettable site. A beautiful and quaint area. Just found this video .. enjoy.

    1. That is simply amazing! You are extremely lucky to have gone there and experienced Portofino. What time of year would you recommend to go when there is not a lot of tourists? This does remind me of most towns down in Brazil. The houses are very similar. Thanks for showing me this video! Do you have any pictures of your trip?

  2. Malou

    I first heard of Portofino when watching a CNN travel program and since then, has been obsessing to see the place. I’ve been on holiday to Tuscany but not yet on Portofino so this still remains a dream. I can imagine why you are inspired to paint this. 😉

    1. Thank you Malou! Portofino is such a magical place. I can only imagine living there. There were other Portofino pictures, but I liked how this one seemed to jet out into the ocean all by itself. It almost looks like a tiny town of homes or secret villas. It appears paintable yet presents a bit of a challenge which I like. Thanks for always stopping by Malou. I truly appreciate your comments!

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