Fingal’s Cave inspired some famous people

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I hope everyone has had a good weekend. I’m in a bit of a hurry tonight to get some sleep, but wanted to post something quickly that I discovered earlier. First, let me just say that other than the infamous Loch Ness legend in Scotland, Scotland has also another alluring and fascinating place called “Fingal’s Cave”. Maybe not many people know, they know now, but I’ve always been fascinated by caves from around the world. This one captured my attention right away.

What is Fingal’s Cave and is it named after someone? Well, for starters, Fingal’s cave is located in Staffa, an inhabited island of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Due to the lava cooling, the basalt columns were formed in a hexagonal way. Scottish poet James Macpherson wrote a poem where the character was named Fingal. Due to the high cathedral ceilings, you can hear strange sounds produced by the echo of the waves. Upon viewing some videos of the cave, the way the water rushes in and out in high tide, is not something you want to risk if you are on a kayak or even snorkeling. The waves look menacing on high tide, but look so beautiful and lovely when the tide is low and all is calm. The crystal clear water showcasing its many shades of blue is absolutely alluring and can only entice one to explore further into the cave. Perhaps that is another reason why after hearing such sounds the water in the caves make, that Felix Mendelssohn composed the song “Fingal’s Cave Overture”. One of my favorite artist named J.M.W. Turner also was inspired by Fingal’s Cave. Check out some of his paintings, I’m sure you’ll recognize some of his famous artworks.

As an author, how would this cave inspire you? Would you make an adventure book? Or perhaps a story full of mystery? These possibilities are endless! As a composer, how would your music sound as a background to this cave upon entering it? Would you compose a delicate sound at first filled with trumpets and strong violins in the middle of the song to reflect the majesty of the cave? For artists, what other elements would you add to the cave or would you keep it strictly the way you saw it? The artist above embellished a bit with the depth of the cave to add some drama, but the cave in actuality is not that far deep. For poets, would you write a sad or upbeat poem? All these questions I would have loved to ask just before some of these famous people entered and saw this cave close up. I do have to admit though that upon seeing the entrance of the cave, it only brought memories back of a scene from the recent movie “King Kong” by Peter Jackson. Or it could also be somewhat related to a scene where Smaug could have hid all his gold when he wasn’t doing his disappearing act in “The Hobbit”. There goes my imagination once again. I’m a big LOTR fan as you can probably tell.

I hope everyone has a great week and I want to especially welcome my newest subscribers! Hope something in nature will inspire all you poets, artists, composers and authors out there this week. I know I’ll be looking for some things.

Photo credits: Jim Richardson
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2 thoughts on “Fingal’s Cave inspired some famous people

  1. Wow! I have never heard about Fingal’s cave before. I see now why some composers and artists gets inspiration from that cave. I like the atmosphere of the pictures.. so cool! I absolute will check it out! (I talk about the paintings) . 🙂


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