Gilligan has a new yacht!

Hi everyone!

So, ever wonder what happened to Gilligan? Well, after he survived being stranded on a deserted island with the skipper, millionaire and his wife, movie star, professor and Mary Ann, he decided it would be much better to buy a yacht that resembles an island, but still in the safety of a modern ship. Look at the cabanas! There are 5 little cabanas for each of them not to mention several VIP rooms. Behind each cabana is a bar. If Gilligan and his posse ever wanted to watch rerun of their shows or the movie star wanted to watch herself onscreen, they can watch it inside the volcano where a huge theatre awaits them. For down time, there is also a library and a gym to keep fit.

This time, Gilligan decided to be a bit smarter and have a helipad just in case of an emergency or if he wants to go inland from the comfort of his yacht.

This is one of my favorite features on the boat. The deck opens up to the water below where people can hop into jet skis or explore the waters below either with scuba diving or snorkeling.

I know this yacht is insane, but interesting at the same time. My only concerns if I were to buy it and realistically I could never afford it (unless I win the powerball this weekend) are the following:

1. Is it pirate proof?
2. What are the emergency escape plans should an emergency arise (sinking of the ship etc)
3. How far can you go off shore with the helicopter?
4. How much fuel goes into the yacht?
5. Is there a backup for the engine and everything of importance in the boat?
6. Is it eco friendly? (Would be nice if items on the boat were eco friendly including the fuel)
7. How high of waves can this yacht tolerate?

What are your thoughts on this yacht? Would you buy it? If so, what are some concerns you would have about it? Or what other things would you want included on the boat? Let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Photo credit: Caters News Agency

8 thoughts on “Gilligan has a new yacht!

      1. It’s really quite cool! When we went on the Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas, all you can see is the sky above you and miles of oceans all around. However; these yachts are much smaller than a cruise ship, so I think it would be fun being a lot closer to the water. I like how it is clear and you can swim and peer out to the ocean in front of you….

    1. Lol! Indeed! Did you know they are also building yachts with a Moroccan, futuristic, Asian and Indian themes as well? They are building mini towns on these huge yachts. Check out the rest of the designs they have planned on their website!

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