Are you ready to make a difference?

Hello! Hej! Oi! Hola! Hallo! Bonjour! Guten tag! Namaste! Sziasztok! Konnichiwa! Ahnyog! Kiaora! Shalom! G’day! Ciao! Marhaba! Ahoj! Goddag! Tere! Mabuhay! Moi! Salut! Privet! Zdravo! Sawaddee Ka/Krab! Chao! Dobry!

I wanted to bring attention to a serious matter in Central Africa that has been going on for many decades involving children. When it comes to children and their cry for help, I want to be there to help in any way I can. I never knew about Kony, but after watching this documentary, I now know and I want everyone else to know so that he can be captured for all the horrible things he has done. Please spread this video around and help make a difference. I think this is a great cause and I like how his name is being shown around the world via Facebook, Twitter etc. However; in saying that, I will do my part in sharing this video. I will also donate. But I will refuse to wear anything that has his name on it even if it’s a t-shirt or bracelet. I can’t fathom the idea of wearing a war criminal’s name on my wrist or as a fashion statement for promotion. I just think that’s just a bit too weird, but each to his own. Perhaps I’m just picky, but that’s just me. Everyone else is entitled to wear the Kony 2012 things, but I know for myself, I can’t do it. I would rather just showcase this video and help spread the word. Thanks for your attention to this matter. Together, we can stop him and bring life, happiness, love and safety to all the children who are being forced to kill when they should really be in school or playing as regular children should be.

Love and peace.


10 thoughts on “Are you ready to make a difference?

  1. Hello, JavaGirl! Thank you for an important blog. I just feel anger and hate about this guy. I have heard about similar sick men in Africa. All of them are so sick, so I do not even have any words of express my feelings. To use children like this is so wrong. I will act and do what I can to make my opinion about this. Thanks again to bring this subject up!

    1. Thank you. Please spread the word about this evil man and what he’s doing to the children of Central Africa. This man and his army must be stopped once and for all. Even spreading the word about him, you are making a difference. Thanks for visiting today!

    1. Thank you Winsomebella. I’m glad to know you also feel the same way. I just think it’s strange to be wearing a shirt that has nis name on it with the year 2012. It’s similar to a politician running for President. It’s one thing to just have his name on there and another to have the t-shirt say, “Stop Kony” or “Capture Kony”, but they don’t have that. If I never knew who Kony was, I’d think he was a person running for President and not a war criminal. The shirts should be a bit more definate in who this man is instead of just his name and the year 2012.

  2. Unfortunately there are too many Kony’s around the world, particularly in Africa. Thank you for taking a stand. It’s important to stop the atrocities by any means each of us are able to do. Fortunately Kony is slowly losing support, but still kids are used in his war. Let’s stand up and say no. You get a big hug from me for this post!

    1. Thanks Munchow! That means a lot. I do my best to help children (anywhere in the world). Children are our future, some need help so that they can make this world a better place. Thanks for stopping by!

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