12 hours with Jason Mraz

Yesterday I was so tired. I had to get my car fixed at Pep Boys and waiting for it took forever. The previous nights, I had 3 hours of sleep and the nights before that, I’ve had trouble having a full nights sleep due to having nightmares. I’ve never had so many nightmares in my life as I have had in the month of February.

So, what a pleasant surprise when I had a dream last night of having one of my all time favorite singers appear in my dream. Yes, I am indeed a lucky girl. The truth is,  Jason Mraz was the last thing on my mind before I closed my eyes. I just knew I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer and I had a major headache. So, thinking I’d just sleep an hour or so, I took one deep breath and hugged my pillow only to be taken into a world of dreams. Best remedy to get rid of a headache is to dream about Mr. Mraz.

I was living in a place I was not familiar with in the beginning. I was between two homes. Maybe this has to do with me looking for a new home. Anyways, the skies were very dark as if there was going to be a very bad storm. This also has to do with it raining all night and it was cloudy yesterday. Funny, how dreams can incorporate things you see or experience the day before. In my dream, Jason suddenly appeared out of nowhere and was looking for a place to stay for a few days.

“Why, of course you can stay with me”, I told him.

“You mean, you don’t mind? I have a few friends with me, do you mind?”, replied Jason.

After they talked amongst themselves, his friends decided to stay at a local hotel and Jason stayed with me. He stayed in a guest room at my place. We basically just talked about life and his singing. I know I was so star struck for the first part of meeting him, my heart was beating fast and I was thinking what in the world Jason was doing at my house when he had better places to stay at. But, you know, it was my dream and I’m glad it went the way it did. Jason even played a few songs on his guitar for me including the first song that I fell in love with “The Remedy” because I could relate to it. I told him that there were times when I was worried about something I had to do or something that was really making me feel down and his song “The Remedy” would come on the radio and I wouldn’t feel as bad anymore. That song got me through a lot of hard times. I remember, Jason would nod his head and smile. I couldn’t stop smiling as he was incredibly good looking and I was feeling somewhat of a school girl at this time. I can’t remember too much after that, only because we were switching from one house to another. After the star struck feelings wore off, Jason came across as an ordinary guy who was very down to earth. I wish I could remember everything we talked about because he was very friendly and made me laugh. I had to go to get something and when I came back, he had left. Without saying goodbye! He did leave a note on the bed saying thank you, but he was in a rush to go to the next place and he had to leave quick.

Then I woke up.

I also realized I had finally gotten more than a full nights sleep by looking at my clock next to my bed after many sleepless nights. A total of 12 hours of pure blissful sleep! I really needed it. I decided to check out some “Freshly Pressed” blogs this morning and guess what one of the blogger’s had as their quotes? Why, of course, a Jason Mraz quote. What a coincidence. I’m not sure what made Jason appear into my dream, but it sure was nice. It was only a dream, but a nice one. I just know I love all his songs, but I don’t even know where or when he’s playing currently. I guess I should find out. Would be nice to see him play live.

I remember the first time I head “The Remedy” and I thought, “Holy cow. Who is this guy with the most amazing voice?”. Because I was born in Brazil, I have grown up listening to Bossa Nova a lot (and I still do), I always thought Jason’s voice was perfect for any Bossa Nova song because his voice is soft, smooth and has that extra spice that captures what Brazilians love and adore in their music. Kudos and many brownie points for Jason for visiting Brazil many times. He does charity work and other things that don’t make front page news. He’s a good person. Sounds like my kind of guy!

Have you had any dreams of a celebrity? Or a favorite singer? If you have, please let me know. I’d love to hear about it. If you haven’t, what singer or any famous person would you like to have in your dream? What would you do or talk about? I’m very curious.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Watch this video to listen to the story behind the song “The Remedy”.

6 thoughts on “12 hours with Jason Mraz

    1. Oh yes, he would. A delightful bonus if I should say so myself! I was kinda disappointed when I woke up to find out it was only a dream. Sigh. A girl can dream, yes? Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Yeh. I’ve been a long time fan of his music. He’s also a good blog writer himself, so he expresses himself beautifully. The way he writes really impresses me because I learn a lot of how almost lyrical and melodically his words are when he writes. I wish I could write like that.

  1. I’ll gladly talk with Shania about any topic she would like to discuss. I pledge to concentrate on listening to her words while starring into her eyes. Oh … being a CNN junkie … I want to golf with Kyra Phillips (yes, she’s an avid golfer). I better stop before I did too deep of a hole.

    1. Shania is a great choice! I’m sure you would have a good time golfing with Kyra Phillips! I wouldn’t mind bike riding with Phil Keoghan (host of the show “The Amazing Race”) because he’s been all over the world and I’d ask him about all the teams in the past seasons! The Amazing Race is my favorite show on tv!

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