Icy Wonderland in China

Hello everyone!

How is everyone out there? I want to warmly welcome my newest subscribers! I am so excited and humbled at the same time you want to follow my blogs. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I was having problems uploading my blogs for some reason. It must have been some type of glitch because I noticed other blogs were not showing up on the blogs I’m following as well. I would see the title of their blogs, but once I would click on their post, it would give me the blank page. Very strange. I’m hurrying up on this blog so I can post it right after midnight.

I’ve been busy at work lately. I meant to take a nap for a few minutes, but ended up taking an hour nap. It’s tax time here in the US and the IRS has been suspiciously withholding a lot of the refunds. They claim it has to do with a new installment of identity theft prevention into their computer system, but they’ve had since last October 2011 to fix this. Luckily, after waiting close to a month to receive my refund (which normally takes 5 days most years), I got them this week. I hope everyone else has received theirs by now. I know a lot of people count on that extra money for bills or just to save for something in the future.

Speaking of future, have I told you I’m thinking of moving to Delaware? New Jersey is crazy expensive and the property taxes are insane. I’ve been eyeballing some really nice, clean and spacious townhouses that I want to buy eventually either this summer or early next year. I’m excited about the move and I’ll still be an hour away from my mother. When searching for a home in a State I am not familiar with, it’s hard to know which neighborhoods are unsafe. After googling and searching “best neighborhoods in Delaware”, I know where to look. I’ve also got that handy dandy little tool called “street view” which helps a lot. Nothing amuses me more than to use that “street view” from the townhouse I like to go “around the block” with it. It’s like taking a ride around the area without really driving there. I know one townhouse looked so rockin’ cool, I had to check out the neighborhood to see if I could walk my (future) dog. Turns out, the neighborhood was run down and there was even a police car in front of the house across the street (on google street views!). I also check out the “crime” stats in the neighborhoods. One condo was so cute and spacious, but upon looking at the “crime stats” of the area, I found out that there has been a lot of shootings lately! Now, I know which neighborhoods are nice and safe, so I’ve been looking there. I’m only looking for spacious, renovated, clean condos or townhouses with large windows and a fireplace. My ideal are “loft style” homes. I want to be near the museums, downtown theatre, restaurants and cafes. I don’t know anyone in Delaware, so I’m going about this as best as I can. I use “Trulia” if anyone is curious. I love that site!

Anyways, did anyone go to the Harbin International Ice and Sculpture Festival in China this year? It’s been going on since 1963 and is the fourth largest one of its kind in the world. Don’t worry, if you’ve missed it, I have some pictures of past snow and ice sculptures from years ago and this year. All the pictures are beautiful, but the one with the carriage ride is my favorite. Enjoy!

Photo credits: Bangordaily, Cronpic, Magazineoftheworld, Designyoutrust, Escapenormal, Freebiesno1, TheAsiaN, Travelocafe, TheFrame

10 thoughts on “Icy Wonderland in China

    1. Hi Frank! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Oh, don’t worry. You’ll be getting comments from DE in the near future as you do now from Jersey! Have a great weekend!

  1. Moving on is always fun (or so I believe), but sometimes also a little bit scary. I am impressed by the way you go about finding a new home. So efficient and thorough. I hope you find what you are looking for. The pictures from the ice and sculpture festival are fun. I can see why you like the carriage picture, but my favourite is still the one with the green and orange “light balls” with a hand stretched out and taking a photo – and all inside a kind of a tunnel. I don’t have a clue as to what it is, but I like the photograph.

    1. Thanks Munchow for taking the time to read my blog. Yes, I have to be extra careful when looking for a place because of past experiences. I’ve had breakins, have had obsessed former coworkers, people following me in their trucks and almost being grabbed by two men! Before deciding on a house, I’ll have my good friend who is a policeman (when he’s off duty of course), do a thorough safety check on my windows, doors and everything else. I want to feel safe and comfy at my own house, not always on high alert. 🙂 I am having fun looking at homes and daydreaming about them. Right now, it’s only for fun, but in a few months it will be for real. I’m also waiting to see if their prices will fall, as I am seeing some of them are already. Yes, the “light balls” are “runner up” to my carriage ride. They sure are mysterious aren’t they? It reminds me of the one in NYC uin the Macy’s store that dangle from high above the floor. (I think it’s the Macy’s store). Thanks for stopping by!

      1. I sure do understand that you do want to have unwanted surprises when you move to a new place. And it sounds like you have already had a few of these. May you fine a peaceful and kind neighbourhood when life will be good.

    1. It is a pretty cool place. Where have you been my delightful friend? I’ve missed reading your blogs! Anywho. If not here, I’ll be reading what you write on Twitter! 😀

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