A masterpiece in 3 minutes!


Hello everyone!

I came across this amazing young Dutch artist today. His name is Thijme Termaat and comes from the beautiful country of Holland. I oilpaint myself (landscapes), so to see his artwork just come to life during a timelapse was so fascinating to me. Enjoy his video and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Here is his official website:https://www.thijmetermaat.com/

Photo credit: H Post

23 thoughts on “A masterpiece in 3 minutes!

    1. Neither did I until I happened to stumble upon MSN’s webpage where I saw him. Being an oilpainter myself, I had to peek at his artwork. It almost appears he knows how to use both hands equally! Glad you liked it!


        1. Me too. I wish I could paint myself like he did, but I can’t paint people for the life of me. I think anyone who can oilpaint themselves are extremely talented to be able to do that. 🙂


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    JAVAGIRL SAYS: This blog here is one of my all time favorite posts I wrote a while back. It’s very short, but art is an important part of my life. I oilpaint to music too (classical like Mozart) and this video reminds me that I have to get on the ball on painting once again very soon! Enjoy!


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