RIP Whitney Houston

August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012

What sad news today for me, New Jersey (she was born here) and for the world. I had just finished watching a movie on tv when I got a text message from my coworker which read “RIP Whitney Houston”. I was shocked. Whitney, despite all her troubles, has always been one of my favorite American singers. Her songs have been a soundtrack to my life growing up which would take me to those hallways of memories whenever any of her songs came on the radio. Let me take you down some of her famous songs and how they related to my life at that time.

1985 THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL: This song reminds me of elementary school where life was simple and fun down in Brazil. Times where happy and I just liked her music as a kid. When I’d hear The Greatest love of all, I’d be in my room hanging out by myself or with friends. I remember how amazing her voice sounded the first time I heard it.

1985 HOW WILL I KNOW: As I was starting to like the boys, I could identify with song. My heart would beat just a little faster when I’d hear this song as I wondered if the boy I had a massive crush even noticed me.

1985 SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU: This song made me think as a kid because in this song she says “you’ve got a family” which made me think that it was a song about an affair. I also knew this was a little beyond what my little innocent ears should be listening to because of the lyrics.

1985 ALL AT ONCE: This song always made me cry. I don’t know why. Perhaps because this is such a sad song. Such a descriptive and longing love song. Worst song to listen if you ever break up with someone. Moving on…

1987 DIDN’T WE ALMOST HAVE IT ALL: A sad song, but still very beautiful in how she sang it.

1987 SO EMOTIONAL: I LOVE this song! This reminds me of Junior High and me continuing to be boy crazy and liking boy. Good times! My favorite line from the song is when she says “I just watch your mouth”. The electric guitar which was so popular in the 80’s is the staple sound in this song. “It’s shocking what love can do!” I’ll always love this song because I can’t help but get a huge smile on my face upon hearing it.

1988 ONE MOMENT IN TIME: This song reminds me of the Olympics which I thought was appropriate with the lyrics. I’d also listen to this song when I’d feel down and just need a little boost to continue on. I was pretty active in sports as a kid. This is a great song to listen to before going on stage, job interview or before doing something which entails going in front of many people. The video to this song is really touching. Go check it out.

1992 I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU: This song was a soundtrack of my first serious relationship in High School. I honestly thought I’d always love my ex-boyfriend back then. Not true as life goes on. But being such a beautiful and sentimental song, this song has been used in numerous videos on YouTube. Perfect song for the movie “The Bodyguard”.

1996 I BELIEVE IN YOU AND ME: I heard this song during the college years. Being in the USA and getting to know more people and dating around, I started to believe in love again. This song is incredibly sweet and warms my heart. The movie with Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston is sweet. I really enjoyed this movie.

2001 THE STAR BANGLED BANNER: So many singers have sung this gorgeous song of our country, but none have come close to the stunning voice that Whitney Houston had as she sang this song. When I hear her sing this particular song, I feel incredibly proud and my heart bursts with love for my country, the United States of America. She will be missed singing this song live.

Normally, I don’t write blogs about singers or celebrity deaths, but Whitney was one of my favorite singers. I decided to write this blog to remember a significant singer whose music was a soundtrack to so many memories growing up. I leave you with one of my favorite songs of hers where she sings with her real life friend Cece Winans (who is another favorite singer of mine).

This is dedicated to all my new friends here on WordPress who have taken the time to comment and be my friend. Thank you.

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