The power of a smile

This one is for the ladies. Men are welcomed to read, but I’ll be talking about girly things if you’re curious.


It’s girl time. I wanted to analyze Audrey Hepburn’s quote which I abolutely love. I searched for a picture of her smiling, but I only came across photos where she was demurely smiling if not smiling at all. I saw a few where she was smiling real big and when she did smile, it would light up the universe! I love this photo of her as she knows a secret or is awaiting for something good to happen. Let’s begin with her first sentence.

I love pink“. Pink is good. Not my favorite color, but I like to associate that color with cupcake icing, cotton candy and roses. It’s sweet.

I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.” Yes, indeed! Lately, I’ve laughed so hard my belly hurts and I beg for mercy for the person to stop tormenting me. Laughter is a great natural workout for the stomache. A few nights ago, I had a very bad case of the giggles and anything anyone said got me get into a fit of laughter. I love those moments.

I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.” Who doesn’t? This can mean romantic kissing or just kissing a baby, pet or greeting an old friend and giving them a harmless kiss on the cheek. Down in Brazil, we greet friends, family and strangers (that we are introduced to) by one kiss on each cheek. It’s culture and no one starts raiding the wedding magazines just because a random guy kisses us on each cheek as they introduce themselves. Three kisses means more. There’s a whole kissing etiquette down there, but that is for another time. That first kiss is always special because it is the first time you allow someone to invade your space and trust them enough to kiss your lips. I like holding hands just as much. I think it’s cute and a real connection with someone. I have no one to hold hands right now, but that’s beside the point.

I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.” Being and feeling strong is sometimes very hard to do as a girl. We allow little things to get us down and we give up. I know this past month was incredibly hard for me. I can blog about it now, but I was dealing with some serious issues behind the scenes of blogging. My mom’s cancer health concerns me and a good friend of mine attempted suicide this month (they are doing better now). As a professional in my field who is trained to deal with serious situations such as suicides, it was too close to home when it was a good friend of mine. I had to look within myself to find that inner strength to keep going on not only for me, but for my good friend. It’s ok to admit the feelings of defeat too. No one is perfect, but equally, it’s important to regain your inner strength and know you will get through this tough time. It does pass. After all the tears I shed this month, I am glad to say I have ended this month with a lot of laughter and giggles. Things are looking up.

I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.” Isn’t that so true! Everyone has their down days and sad days. Believe it or not, even the happiest girls will be sad once in a while. However, the prettiest girls are the ones who do have a nice smile on their face and who come across as genuine. You could look like a model and have all the right measurements that tv and magazines say you should have, but if you are constantly frowning and unhappy with life in general, you are not that attractive. I remember one place I use to work at and this one girl was always so mean to me. I never did anything to her but be friendly, happy and smile. In fact, she said loud enough for me to hear one day, “Look. She smiles so much it’s like she is on meds.” This hurt my feelings as I am naturally a friendly person and always greet people with a smile. I often wondered what kind of world she lived in. Did she think people that smiled were “abnormal”? Personally, I think she was jealous because I had a lot of friends at work. Smiling and friendliness attracts people.

I believe tomorrow is another day.” I believe she meant as in a brand new day. You can start fresh with a clean slate. Not going too deep with this one.

I believe in miracles.” I truly believe this last one. Miracles happen everyday, every hour and minute all around the world. Some are global news and others are never mentioned except those that they touch. I hope there will be a cure for cancer. The faith and hope that goes into believing a miracle will happen.


19 thoughts on “The power of a smile

  1. This was a shot of happiness in the morning……very nice. My mother has stage 4 breast cancer so I empathize with you regarding concern for your mother’s health. I hope yours is getting along well. And I hope you always have lots to smile about too.

    1. Awww, thank you Winsomebella! Your words touched my heart and soul and you are so empathetic in regards to knowing how it feels to see a loved one (like a mom) going through this terrible disease. My mom’s spirits are high, but she has learned that she must surrender to living out her life in a nonstressful environment and live it to the fullest. She is extremely active and has had to say no to activities so she can have a full and happy life. I have several things in my life right now that puts a big smile on my face. Finding friends like yourself who take the time to comment (unlike my “friends” on Facebook), really means a lot to me. Thank you.

  2. Really nice quote! I believe in laugh too 🙂 especially now when our baby is starting to learn how to do this is so much fun seeing him doing this! Sometimes we laugh with my husband and then the baby picks it up, so we forget what we were laughing at and laughing at the baby’s laugh

    Hope the bad things are over now. I never had a friend who attempted suicide, but I dealt with mother’s cancer and know how hard it is. Be strong!

    1. Thank you Olgamire! Your comment brought a tear to my eye, but I still have a smile on my face, don’t worry! I work closely with infants and toddlers and I know what you mean. I also have a son and seeing him smile for the first time when he was a baby just took my breath away. He’s 10 now, but we love to laugh everyday and he enjoys tormenting me with his funny remarks and stories! Aren’t baby laughs the best? I’m sure you and your husband adore hearing your little one laugh everyday. Thank you so much for the encouragement about being strong. I will. I have to. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. A smile goes for a mile and yes smiles are contagious, lets spread them around. I absolutely agree with the phrase of being strong even in adverse situation. My parents are reeling with age related ailments. They still put up positive attitude and spending quality time with my kids. They say that this is something which will only go with them so why worry about it & make it more miserable.
    Very thoughtful post.

    1. Hehe! So…you’re saying you couldn’t handle all my girliness? JK! It’s actually not girly at all after I reread the final before posting, but I put girly just for fun.

  4. Don’t want to interrupt a girl’s meeting, but I still enjoyed your post. Everything you say – and Audrey Hepburn – I could sign myself (except the pink part, that is). The quote is almost like a summery of life. Sorry to hear about your struggle the last month, but I am glad to read that things are getting better again. Glad to see the smile on your face again. Keep going!

    1. It wasn’t a girls meeting, hehe! Munchow is always welcomed to the party! 😀 Thanks for enjoying my post my friend! Always happy when you drop by. I’m doing much better. January was very tough, but better days are ahead-thank goodness!

  5. This is my favorite Hepburn quote!!!!!!!!! I’ve become obsessed with her and Marilyn. I’m glad I got to read your take on each section as I just finished a discussion with a friend about this particular quote. I will agree that the power of a smile is magnified if it’s sincere and that the power of a smile can change the course of history….

    1. Really?! Audrey H really is an inspiration for me regarding photography. I’ll have to email you a really cool photo that was inspired by her. Sincerity is huge when people smile. I can spot a fake smile several miles away. I believe the eyes give it away too as they are the windows to the soul. Thanks for stopping by my delightful friend! 🙂

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