More dates with Mr. Sandman

Hi everyone!

A special welcome to my newest subscribers! I wanted to share with everyone about something that has enlightened me recently. Everyone knows that you need sleep. Your sleep and blood pressure go hand in hand. I read somewhere that sleep is important because that is the ONLY time your blood pressure is lowered and your heart can take a rest and recharge. Say you work 9-5 (nice 8 hour day) and depending on what you do during your work hours, your heart is pumping and pumping taking in all the extra stress you have that day making your blood pressure rise. You come home and stay up until midnight or even 3AM when during that time your heart and body is needing that rest time to recharge. I’m guilty of this too. Then your heart has then a few hours to recharge and “rest” before it has to run a marathon again without that needed sleep your heart needed! Your blood pressure drops only for a few hours with little sleep. By the next day, your body is pleading and begging for mercy for you to just collapse on the sofa for a snooze.

I never saw it quite that way. When I went to the doctor recently, I had gotten plenty of sleep a week before and my blood pressure was lower. That theory of getting more sleep, if not more sleep than the hours I work in a day, helped lower my blood pressure-it gave time for my heart to recharge and take a rest from a hectic day. They say, the more hours you sleep during the night, it lowers your risk for a heart attack or stroke and provides a longer life because your heart is not constantly running a marathon all day and night. I truly want to live longer, so hence the more sleep hours. Bring it on Mr. Sandman! For my international readers, “Mr. Sandman” is a mythical man who gives good dreams to people.

Just a quick health tip for those who have high blood pressure or a slight elevated blood pressure such as myself. I’m only saying all this because of some changes I’ve had to make this year. Always remember to research anything you may have questions about. Remember though, all medical questions and concerns should always be directed to your doctor. So, no more midnights for me unless it is New Years Eve or I am able to sleep in real late the next day!

I’ll be back with something else to blog about. Yes, I decided for the “vintage” old photo look this time. I don’t think my hands make a heart, but I tried! Thanks for checking in and sweet dreams!

Love always.


12 thoughts on “More dates with Mr. Sandman

  1. Wow! Really interesting and thoughtful blog. I think many people need to sleep a couple more hours in the night. It’s easy to stay up late for many reasons — I love your picture! It’s looks like heart for me, anyway. Have a good night!

    1. Lol, thanks! Sleep is good and something I promise I need to do more this year. I’ve been a bad girl and staying up way too late on work days and I need to stop doing that this year. Have a nice night!

  2. I’m an old lady already…I’m ready for bed at 9 o’clock! And I like to sleep in on the weekends…which probably isn’t a good thing since i read that you are supposed to keep a regular sleep schedule otherwise you throw your body all out of whack. I’m happy that your blood pressure was lower! That’s extremely hard to do sometimes. =)

    1. Thanks girl! I have a very stressful job to begin with. I love to stay up late because I’m a night owl, but I decided this year to have a healthier blood pressure, I must go to sleep earlier. Good thing my bed is comfy and I love my pillows!

  3. Liza Vassallo

    I love sleep! The surrender and the trust it takes to close our eyes and rest is one of my favorite experiences of being alive! Meditating also offers the same calming effects to the nervous system. Glad your health is benefitting and thank you for sharing this helpful reminder! I would also like to add that in order to set up our brains to relax for sleep; we have to keep computer time to a minimum before bedtime; I have found that when I’m on the computer or watching tv late, my brain is active and it just wants to absorb all the visual and mental senses it is picking up.

    1. Ahh, yes. Very true and wise advice I will take. I love sleep too! I agree with the trust thing too when closing your eyes. The best is when you fall asleep with a smile on your face. 🙂

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