What is your destiny?

Sorry for my absense. I’ve had to take care of some business. It’s raining outside as we speak and I feel so tired these days. I’m already looking forward to Spring as this Winter hasn’t exactly been a winter wonderland, much to my dismay. Albeit, it we did have a freak snowfall back in late October, but my Christmas tree still wasn’t up so it doesn’t count. By the way, I still have my Christmas tree up. I love looking at it and feel sorry for the trees tossed to the side of the road; it’s like they were used for a week or so and then suddenly tossed away without any thought. Do people really go through Christmas that fast? Out of sight? Out of mind? Everyone is hurrying to the next holiday so they can buy all the decorations…which would be Valentines Day. Ugh. I actually hate that holiday and not because of what it means, but because of all the commercialization of it. Girls get upset if their man doesn’t take them out to a fancy dinner when an order in Chinese food is just as romantic with some scented candles and a good movie. Everyday should be Valentines Day in my opinion. Just like everyday should hold Christmas cheer and a giving spirit. Sometimes I wish my name was Holly.

Thinking of resolutions this year, I don’t have any. What! You may gasp. Yep. I actually have life goals I carefully think about each year and combine them with the year before. Last year was “balance” in every part of my life. This year it is to make all things “good” in my life “better”. I’m not saying things in my life that are “ok” or “meh”…things I am not excited about. I’m talking about things and people who truly mean a lot to me and making those a whole lot better. Three weeks into this thought process, it already has made a difference. Life is short. Why spend it on things and people who just drag you down all the time? You spend all your energy trying to make things better.

I leave you with this quote which my cousin, Sarah, posted on her Facebook. I think it applies with negative and positive actions. You never know how your actions will deeply affect those dear to you. So please be careful.

Until next time. With lots of love as always.

JavaGirl’s Life

‎”Watch your thoughts;
they become words.
Watch your words;
they become actions.
Watch your actions;
they become habits.
Watch your habits;
they become character.
Watch your character;
it becomes your destiny.”
– Anonymous

11 thoughts on “What is your destiny?

  1. I think this is a very strong post. I like your sentiments about the commercial sides of holidays. It bothers me, too. I really like what you say about every day should be a Valentine day. We should treat each other with the highest of spirit and respect – every day. I am sure this year will be «better» for you with the high spirit you show.

    1. Thank you Munchow! Your comments are always so well thought out. Perhaps I am just a romantic at heart that I believe one should show their loved one how special they are everyday, even if it’s just a hug, peck, love note etc. It doesn’t cost anything to do small free love sentiments. I do hope this year will be good for everyone. It already has been a tough start of the year for me, but I’ll stay positive.

    1. Thanks aFrankAngle! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 Always nice to hear from you! Yes, the picture is one of my favorites that I have used on other social sites. I just like the dreamy effect and feeling high above the problems of the world. Something about mountains that reminds me of this picture or flying on airplanes. I remember I use to always get deep into thought being or feeling so high everything–I could think clearer and put things into perspective.

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