Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Today we went to see the latest franchise of MI. You have to see this on IMAX because it’s the perfect film to see on the big screen. I absolutely loved this film and was not disappointed (like the second installment) as it took you on a wild ride. The sound system at the movie theatre we went to made our hearts and seats vibrate. For a few seconds, I thought I wouldn’t make it through the entire movie, but it was mostly from the previews. There were some scenes where my knuckles were white or I gasped by what I was watching. I took a peek at other movie goers and I saw one women with both hands up on her face peeking through a slit in her hands. I don’t want to write any spoilers because I want everyone to see this movie.

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) returns and is accompanied by a new team. Ethan and his crew are set up and blamed for the bombing of the Kremlin which they then have to set on another mission to find out the truth and who is behind it. There is a cool contact lens that has a interesting way of sending information to a printer that is debuted. I need to get one of those lenses. Would make my life easier with all my paperwork. Anyways, one of the members of the latest crew is William Brandt played beautifully by actor Jeremy Renner. I think other than Ethan Hunt, Brandt was also my favorite character. As for new gadgets shown on screen, there are very cool ones that levitate a person via a remote control. The facial masks were hinted at, but not used by any of the crew although another body part was used and it just made me laugh during the scenes. I won’t say which body part, but I found it incredibly amusing and I laugh just writing about it. Jane Carter played by the beautiful Paula Patton was impressive as she had to do some intensive fight scenes. Paula Patton played Jane Carter with feminity yet tough as nails attitude. She was out for revenge in this movie because of something that happened to a person dear to her. She was out for blood and I was rooting for her when she met her match and it was a total smack down between the characters. I enjoyed the short and quick comic relief after intense fighting scenes; perhaps said with a bit of sarcasm written by the writers. There were many new and interesting characters and I especially liked the villain named “Cobalt” as he seemed always 10 steps ahead of Ethan in being an agent, but for the evil side.

The reason why this movie must be seen at an IMAX movie theatre is because of the scenes in Dubai. If you are terrified of heights like I am, I warn you for some of the scenes were filmed at the highest building in the world. I was holding on to dear life on my armrest due to the camera views which I found incredibly affective. I would have loved to have seen this movie in 3D, but perhaps another time. The trailer is good, but doesn’t really compare to watching the entire movie. You’ll just have to see it and judge for yourself, but this was definately worth it. I’m looking forward to the next installment of the MI sequels.

4 thoughts on “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

  1. I just saw this movie last night! It was very neat. I loved all the new gadets especially that screen they used in the red hallway. I saw it in a regular theater and felt the effects of the tallest building shots…I can’t imagine what they were like in an IMAX. I think I would have needed some Dramamine afterwards hahaha.

    1. How cool! Yeh, I had forgotten to mention the screen wall thingy, I so loved that one too! The IMAX experience was amazing, hence my white knuckles from holding on to the armchair next to me. Weren’t the jumping around the tall building’s windows crazy? That one scene towards the end when it is just Ethan Hunt and Cobalt going after the suitcase….that was intense!

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