What does this one mean?

Tonight I was decorating my tree with my mom. She was kind enough to stop over and make cream of chicken and hang out for a while. As we were putting the ornaments on the tree, my mom would tell me about each one along with some funny stories. Sometime around the age of 23, my mom stopped giving me ornaments. Maybe I said I was “too old” to keep getting ornaments, but I haven’t gotten any since then. Perhaps we shall start that again. I think ornaments still can remind me of something about that particular year that made an impression that can be hung on the tree at the end of the year for me to remember years from now. In no particular order, here are a few I’ll share with you.

“The Baby Carriage”: This one was presented to me when I was 12, my last year as a child before becoming a teenager. Yes, it’s a baby carriage, but I’ll always be my mom’s baby in her eyes.

Musical Notes“: I was 11 years old and loved playing the flute, hence the musical notes. I’m quite fond of this one. A pot of gold to whoever can tell me what song it is!

Sweet 16“: This one was for being sweet and 16. At this age, I was still a little shy around guys I liked. Whispering to all my friends who I had a crush on was a favorite past time. Good times.

Santa Rabbit“: I was 7 years old and check out the buck teeth on this rabbit! I’m not sure why I got the rabbit, but I might have gone through wanting to own a rabbit as some young girls do. I love how vintage he looks. That one ear has seen better days, but it does give it character.

Hanging Drops“: These drops are so pretty. My mom and I both admired them as we put them on. There weren’t given to me during one of my years, but I just wanted to include them. If they were to be given a meaning, I’d say they represent tears of joy to tears of gladness. They will remind me of my visit to the new September 11th Memorial and Museum I went to in October.

The Horn“: I just wanted to include this one with the rest of the pictures. I really like having musical instruments on my tree.

The Little Drum“: Sweet.

Glitter Snowflake“: I was 10 years old when this was given to me. I believe I had spent that year in the United States and enjoyed playing in the snow as most Brazilian girls would after spending endless days sunbathing on a paradise beach all her life. Each snowflake is unique and special just like all of my friends on here.

Hope everyone has a great time decorating their tree this year! I’ll be back with more pictures from this weekend as I have some special plans that I want to share with you.

26 thoughts on “What does this one mean?

  1. I hope you feel better from your bad cold, JavaGirl. I started to be little worried for you, since I know what you have gone through in the past. Your Christmas ortnamnent is so such cool! Especially the ” The Rabbit” makes me laugh my butt off! 😉 I wish and hope that you have a GREAT CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR’ ! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


    1. My cold is getting better (thank you) and I hope to be better by this weekend as I have something cool I have wanted to do for a few years now. So you like my rabbit? I’m glad it makes you laugh hesterically! You should see my one ornament which looks like a spaceship. I was so tempted to show that one, but last minute didn’t because it just looked too crazy, haha!


    1. Thank you Texasjune! I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather and your comment really cheered me up. 🙂 I’ll be back with more Christmas themed blogs. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


    1. Wow, that means a lot to me. I hinted a touch of cross color for all of them. I hope you enjoy decorating your tree! The weather has been a bit warm lately and then cold the next, hence the cold I’m trying to shake right now. Hope to feel better by the weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Alex Nikinauta

    Oi JavaGirl tudo bom contigo ? Espero que voçê tenha já melhorado do resfriado !
    Sua arvore de Natal é bem legal é diferente dos enfeites tradicional .
    Eu gostei de todas suas fotos dos enfeites da sua arvore.
    Gostei do enfeite do coelho , do coração de todos.
    Eu não entendo de partitura de musica mais eu vou tentar um nome seria talvez á musica Brasileirinho. Quero te dizer que sua amizade, não tem pote de ouro que pague.
    Sua amizade tem um valor incalculavel para mim minha querida Amiga !
    Feliz Natal e Ano Novo á voçê ,para sua mãe e Boy Aventura !


    1. Aww, thanks Alex. Your words were like gold to my soul. You are so kind and sweet. Sim, o coelho e engracada, rsrsrsrs! Meu exboyfriend estava rindo como uma rapaz louco ontem a noite porque ele achava o coelho engracado!! Voce cai decora seu arvore? Vai tem um foto?Thanks for your friendship!


  3. aFrankAngle

    I’m sure the tree is sparking your joys of Christmas! In terms of ornaments, I wish I would have thought about this 34 years ago. We would have an interesting ornament collection for the tree if we got an ornament for the things we encountered … places we’ve been, events, whatever … that would be in interesting tree of memories.

    Good post … and Merry Christmas!


    1. Thank you aFrankAngle! I always enjoy reading your comments. Yes, I love looking over at the tree. It’s never too late because when you are in your 70’s you can always look back at your younger days. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you too!


    1. Thanks! Usually I put up my tree a few days ahead, but this year I put it up much earlier. I like it that way. Are you ready for Christmas yet? I still have to go out and buy presents. Hopefully this weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Fun to go back in time and dwell into old memories and things from when we were young. Thanks for sharing your memories. And again some great pictures you have made. The cross colours goes well with the idea of going back in time, gives the picture some faded, old-time feeling (seems like you often like that feeling of past times in the processing of pictures which by the way you do very well and I find is great). As picture I like the The Baby Carriage the best – somehow evokes more emotions – for me at least – like vulnerability, a little sadness, loneliness and even detachment.


    1. Hi Munchow! Yes, I do love cross coloring my pictures. Once I discovered how to do it, I’ve been obsessed ever since! It does bring a touch of vintage to it and I like it that way. Even if it’s sooooo 2011. I had originally done the pictures in full color, but for some reason, it didn’t give it much character especially since these are old ornaments. Perhaps my next pictures will not be crossed colored, but processed another way. I am an artist and I like to play around with my pictures just for fun. The baby carriage is one of my favorites too. Thanks for you input and compliments!


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