What are those designs in China?

Scott from WordPress suggested to the bloggers who receive the PostaDay2011 emails to write about any secret unusual structures from around the world or the recent design discovered in the remote area of China. I chose China. We were told to write whatever we thought about the structure we had chosen be it funny, serious or conspiracy theories.

Here are some of my theories. Do not take these seriously. It’s late at night and I know some people out there will actually believe what I think about them.

1. I think maybe perhaps it’s vaguely similar to our streets in Washington, D.C.

2. They may have halls underneath those white lines of streets and they practice walking daily blindfolded of how to move around those “streets” even in the dark.

3. They are hallways (not dark) 50 feet below ground level where there are offices and whatever else.

4. They are tunnels with small subways at some parts to transport workers from one area to the next.

5. The top design is just a decoy. I mean, come on. It’s so stark obvious with a design seen from space. Sheesh.

6. No, it’s not something for aliens to read when they are bored from their spacecraft. Really? Shakes my head.

7. I think it’s their version of our Area 51.

8. If you look at the design, turn it left, turn it upside down and make a 3 dimensional picture of it, then I’d be impressed.

9. It’s a Sudoku game gone horribly wrong.

10. Those two v shaped lines on the left are airstrips. A plane can easily land and then make a few turns and park itself in a big space made just for planes.

So, there you have it. Just some ideas thrown out there. There are many more posts written about this curious place on the internet and definately more thought provoking, but this is just a quick random blog.

So what do YOU think? Any other ideas I might have missed? I’m curious to know from all my imaginative blog readers out there!

Take care and hope you find a curious place in this world that makes you scratch your head.

Until next time!

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