A day in the mountains with wolves

Saturday my mom and I (with others) went up to the Delaware Water Gap in North Jersey. Basically, it’s a mountain ridge where a river runs through two mountains. 90% of all Autumn leaves had fallen off their branches, but I was able to find one tree still showing off (A Love Letter to Autumn). We took some time to overlook the valley below and enjoy the scenery before continuing on.

Along the way we stopped to look at “Indian Head”. When I took this picture, I thought I saw it. According to what I saw it appears to be two sunken eye sockets, a nose and pursed lips. However; upon researching other pictures of “Indian Head”, my view of the landmark was way off. Apparently, if I had just moved 200 meters more to the right, I would have had a better shot of the “Indian Head” formation from the rock ridge. The profile is small and is at the very top of the mountain. If you look closely, you can see the forehead, nose and chin. But I still my version of the angled “Indian Head” is easier to see. While editing this photo, I came across a very weird thing. If you look at my logo below “JavaGirl’s Life Photography”, between the “s” and “l”, run your finger up towards two green trees. Between the two trees and a rock, it appears to be a man wearing a white t-shirt and standing there looking straight at the camera. Maybe it’s just my wild imagination. Upon further investigation, I zoomed into my picture and the pixels didn’t really show a human, but more of a series of white rocks with brown things around it making it appear to look like a man standing there.

We stopped along the way and decided to overlook down at the beach where the river was. There was a very steep set of stairs leading down to the beach. One wrong mistep and I would have tumbled down at a faster rate than I would have wanted into the sandy beach below.

Once safely below with the soft sand, I was able to look around. I took this picture, but it still does not show the beauty of it. Since I like making my photos with a bit of vintage feel, this photo makes the beach from a time long ago, even though it was taken Saturday. The water was still, but deceiving. There was a huge sign before the steeps stairs that said “no swimming across the river”. To me, it looked innocent enough, but there is a strong current underneath the calm waters. I know why they put the sign there. Being there on the beach with the beautiful sky above, the wind rustling the tree branches and the echo of your voice in the mountains, one can only imagine wading through the river to the other side. The place is very enchanging in an almost hypnotic way. I like this photo because of the way the Fall leaves go from dry land to being submerged in the water. I just like that for some reason.

For lunch, we stopped at the cutest little farmer’s bakery in the small and rustic village in the mountains.

It’s getting to look a lot like Christmas.

They have the best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever tasted! I am definately coming back there to have it again. They are known for their pies as you can see. The entire store is full of delicious pies, cookies, candy and artwork. You can even watch them make the pies in front of you. I love the feeling of authenticity of a small village when I walked in.

After wolfing down our lunch, we didn’t have much time to see the waterfalls, so we rushed to make it in time to see the wolves at Lakota Wold Preserve.

There must have been about 80 people there for the afternoon visiting session. Due to strict rules, my mom had to stay behind with her dog along the side road. Dogs are not allowed in the wolf premises even though the wolves are a mile away. Once on the bus, we rode (one mile into the mountains) on a very bumpy road much reminiscent of the ride I took down at the animal safari in Animal Kindgom. Once there, we got out and handed our tickets to the lady at the entrance. It was fun to see the wolves waiting for us as the rest of the crowd oooh’ed and ahhh’ed at their mere sight. Here is one of them being a bit shy.

This wolf was waiting for her dinner. They are such beautiful creatures. Sorry about the cage fence. If I had taken photos without any fence in the picture, I would have had to pay $250 dollars for a one hour photo session minus the fence. Nevertheless, the picture still came out alright. There were also foxes and bobcats at another area of the property. The information the caretakers told us about the animals there was extremely informative and interesting. Most of the animals there were “pets” that people had but couldn’t take care of them anymore. Lakota Preserve does a lot to help these wolves, bobcats and foxes. All animals are seen by the vet, take their vitamins, are given healthy “fun” food (much like our pizza nights) on Fridays and rotate their cages so they don’t get bored.

By the time the wolf session was over, the sun had almost disappeared into the mountain side and it was getting dark. We returned back to the cute mountain farmer’s bakery and I got myself a delicious Shepard’s Pie which was perfect for a cold night up in the mountains. We packed up and got back on the road for our long drive back home. I will return once summer rolls around to see the mountains in full greenery. There are lots of hiking trails and waterfalls nestled in the mountains to check out, we just ran out of time. I feel the yearning to return once again to the Delaware Water Gap park. Below is the video of our short trip. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

24 thoughts on “A day in the mountains with wolves

    1. Lol! Glad my wolf pictures can make you laugh! The black wolves were scarey looking. I have tons more pictures, but only showed a selected few for my blog. The other half of the time, I was filming. I still have to upload the video soon and add music to it. I did have a wonderful day and hope to return there very soon to check out the waterfalls. My next adventure will be exploring on a boat the caves in Pennsylvania. It’s the only one where you can tour the inside of a cave on a boat! I hope they allow cameras! That will be early next year. So be on the lookout for that!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m always playing around with my photos in how they look. I love taking pictures, but I’m also an artist, so I like to add an artistic twist to my photos. Glad you like them!

    1. Thanks!That photo is one of my all time favorites. I can’t believe I even took it! 🙂 Yes, there are many scenic roads there in the Delaware Water Gap. In fact, around that area the Harley-Davidson motorcycle magazine named it one of the top 50 scenic routes in America! Maybe it was number #1, I forgot. I’ll be taking a day this Spring to do a biking, hiking and rafting excursion up around that area. I will blog about that too!

    1. Yeh, unfortunately. We were suppose to see three waterfalls, but ran out of time. We had gotten an early start (this is about 2.5 hours North from where I live), but we got a little lost. However, I was able to capture random waterfalls coming from the mountainside which were so beautiful! I have a jam packed day coming up in the Spring with biking, hiking and white water rafting. Now, that’s what I call a full day!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I love the staircase too! Yeah, the “clips” you see are from Photobucket. I use them to add dimension for my pictures on my blogs. Digital photos “held together” by old fashion clips from back in the day. Goin’ old school!

  1. Alex Nikinauta

    Olá JavaGirl , olha eu aqui de novo escrevendo para voçê sobre sua postagem !
    Só uma observação lá no comentario de baixo teve um erro de escrita minha.
    Lá Eu quis escrever : Colírio para os olhos : Uma visão que faz bem para quem observa !
    Bom, vamos ao comentario montanhas com os lobos .
    Voçê deve ter se divertido muito nesta natureza divina !
    Gostei de todas as suas fotos, á primeira foto legal, tem muitos lugares aqui que se parecem com sua primeira foto, agora morando aqui nesta cidade Eu me considero o homem da montanha.
    Rsrsrsss Eu sou mesmo meio atrapalhado, eu estava procurando o homem perto das arvores de t shirt na primeira foto, depois que ver na segunda foto.
    Na foto 2 sim Eu também ver entre as pedras entre as duas arvores como se fosse um homem observando quem estava tirando á foto.
    Derepente poderia ser Grande Espirito Chefe Lenápi te observando !
    Brincadeira minha com voçê !
    Sim muito legal todas as fotos da padaria,esta foto me deu uma fome !
    Bom estou esperando para ver o video seu Ok !
    JavaGirl , bom final de noite de Domingo, e uma otima segunda feira !

    1. Poxa Alex! Rsrsrs! Sabe, gosto quando pessoas faz tempo para commentara. Eu nem teve tempo para observe teu commentario. Rsrs! Sim, natureza simplemente lindo, neh? Adoro Brasil e sempre vai ser meu terra do meu coracao. E a terra onde eu nasci entao sempre vai ser especial para mim. Ok. Enough of Portuguese before I totally screw up all my grammar. Anywho. You saw the guy? Totally creeped me out. If you could smell the little bakery, omg. It smelled so amazing! There was a little spot by the creek where anyone could find a picnic table and eat. It was so delightful to eat outside and have the mountains surround you. I know Brazil has mountains, especially in the South. The State of Para (where I’m from) has many hills and valleys in the deep jungles of the Amazon. Thanks again for your long comment! Always appreciate it my friend!

    1. I love this store Kristoffer! It’s truly picturesque and something you would find in a picture or postcard. Yes, they had some of the most amazing looking foods on display for all to see and salivate at. The whole atmosphere is calm and chill. I felt so far away from the whole city stresses. Perhaps I should just relocate to the mountains. Lol.

  2. ooooook. I know this is a little late, but I finally did the versatile blogger award thingamabob, and I could not not nominate you (again). Your blog is seriously amazing. I love your photography. I love your posts. It’s everything that is splendid. =)

    1. Girl, you are just amazing today! You were the cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae of a day. Thank you! I appreciate you doing the Versatile blogger award thingy, it does take some time to do (believe me). I humbly accept your mention on your blog. It’s also been awesomazing getting to know you through your blogs; your ups and downs in this journey and world of the blogosphere. I personally think WordPress has the best bloggers in the world who take their writing very seriously (not all topics of course). Your blogs are truly delightful to read. 😀

  3. Alex Nikinauta

    Oi JavaGirl ,meu comentario sobre o seu video muito legal e bonito !
    O início do seu video á visão da estrada e aquele céu azul muito lindo.
    Quando voçê estava filmando o rio aqueles meninos jogando pedras na agua do rio .
    Se Eu estivesse ái junto com eles eu ia ensinar á eles jogar pedra para repicar sobre á agua.
    Coisas que ouvindo reparei, que o homem que estava falando lá perto dos lobos tinha sotaque de quem mora no interior.
    Sim achei lindo as raposas os lobos e os lices Ok !
    Muito legal seu video sua camera filma uma imagem muito bonita.
    JavaGirl , uma otima terça-feira para voçê abraços .

    1. Obrigado amigo carinhoso! Yes, YouTube has some cool features for the “editing” department for any videos you upload. I’ve never tried any of them since I have a love/hate relationship with YouTube. I decided to give it a try and chose this format that brings out the colors in your video. I’m an artist, so I a lot of fun with this. I thought it gave the video a bit of an 80’s feel. I tend to have fun with my pictures and not take things too seriously except that one picture on “The Secret Garden:. I’m still mad it came out fuzzy, but whatever!! The man talking is the co-owner of the wolf preserve. He also drove the bus we were on! He’s very cool and absolutely loves the wolves. He’ll howl from his house a mile away and the wolves will respond back to him. Have a nice Tuesday as well!

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