Race you to the bottom of the pool!

Haha! Yeah right.

Looks innocent enough, right? Ordinary pool. But wait. It’s not. If you want to dive into this pool, you better know how to swim and I mean, really swim. Or you’ll have a very, very, very long journey to the bottom of the pool.

Welcome to the World’s Deepest Pool!

This pool is located in Belgium in a diving center called Nemo 33. There are several depths ranging from 16 feet, 32 feet and a sudden drop to 108 feet. If you feel adventurous enough in your scuba gear, there are areas in the pool that can feel like you are exploring a cave minus the rocky terrain. The non-chlorinated water is constantly warm at 86 F for your comfort. There’s even areas at different levels in the pool where you can watch from a window your friends swim in the deep waters.

I’m a former lifeguard and when I was training to be one, I had to do a bottom floor test rescue with my orange tube. This test rescue was part of many for the final physical test of being certified. I was also being tested to become a “non-surf” lifeguard which meant I could lifeguard at a bay or lake. My teacher suggested going all the way and becoming an ocean lifeguard, but I said battling sharks and strong rip currents was not my thing. Anyways, so my teacher picked the tallest (and heaviest) guy in the class for me to “rescue” at the bottom of the pool. We all went to the deepest part of the pool and I had to perform my rescue in front of everyone. Luckily, I “saved” my classmate and I went on to become a bonafide lifeguard. I’m just staring at the last picture and thinking how insanely deep it is. I think I’ll just stick to my local YMCA if I want to learn scuba diving.

19 thoughts on “Race you to the bottom of the pool!

  1. I really enjoy seeing how your different approaches are. Quite a contrast to the previous post and picture. My favourite this time is the second. More mysterious and less literal than the others, and so beautiful colours. Congrats for saving your buddy. 108 feet is way down!


    1. You mean my blog posts? I tend to swing between personal blogs with pictures I took to unique and fun places from around the world. My readers and subscribers tend to be people who like variety in what they want to read about which if perfect for me because I love variety too! Couldn’t find the person who took these pool pictures to give proper credit too, but the logo of it is on there.


  2. perceptionshapes

    Just the thought of how deep this pool is causes my nerves to shake, I don’t know when I developed this fear of deep water swimming. I do know how to swim but if my brain knows my feet won’t hit the ground, I panic and lose my calm…once I tried to get over my fear when I sae a bunch of kids jump off the diving board…I did it but with lots of fear, my body was so tense that when I jumped in I sank and my feet felt the ground, I knew how deep I had gone…I swam up and felt so proud of myself but when I saw my right shoulder socket hanging off, I wanted to die but hid my pain because of pride…I never tried a stunt like that again, still afraid…I need to find relaxing techniques, fear is not my friend…not this time.


    1. Awww, I understand. They say when your body is already tense, it tends to sink faster in the water. When people panic, they breathe faster, therefore making them confused and even more anxious because the oxygen going to the brain is coming in very short doses. When I was training to become an American Red Cross Psychological First Aid counselor, they said to sit and breathe “out” all your fears. Each breath you breathe in through your nose is “good energy” (think courage and bravery)and breathing out through your mouth is the “bad energy” (fear). Try this 10 consecutive times in a row. This especially works for people who have panic attacks. The reason they taught us this was because we go into Traumatic situations and we can’t be panicking ourselves when we need to calm people down. We have to have a calming energy about us to make people feel that everything will be ok and that we are there for them. Believe me, I’m so not zen when it comes to certain things. I hate heights and you will never see me bungee jump off anything. I would be hyperventilating! Ropelling down a cool cave slowly, yes, but not coming to the ground in high speed from sky diving or bungee jumping. Hope your shoulder is better now!


  3. I was thinking the ocean is deeper and many people have tredded water for whatever reason, but the ocean is wider and therefore makes it so that you can’t see the bottom. It can almost give you a surreal feeling diving around. This pool gives you a crystal clear dimension of exactly how high you are from the bottom which can look a bit scarey.


  4. Great pictures but, yuk is poss the politest thing I can come up with. Am totally phobic about bodies of water larger than a domestic bath. It really is quite an amazing pool and will certainly pass the info on to those who love water en masse. Lovely blog but oooh, creepy


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