Morning fog

Good morning my friends! Today I woke up surrounded by a cloud otherwise known as fog. For a photographer, fog can conjure up images of an untold story, a romantic poem or a mystery to be solved. Fog brings mystery to nature. I played around with some colors for my readers to come up with their own take of fog during Fall. The middle photo is sepia, but I feel the warmth of the picture through the photo.

18 thoughts on “Morning fog

      1. I have started the poem! I will let you know when I put in up. =) I enjoy your blog too. I get all happy when I see you have a new post. =) My weekend was good! And Relaxing. I hope yours was wonderful too and that your Monday wasn’t full of the Monday blahs!


    1. Thanks Chris! I love nature and all its beauty. I wish you could have felt the chill in the air from the photographs. Would’ve made a good shot for an opening of a movie. These pictures were not shot from my patio. They were taken near the leasing office facing the lake. There was a swan swimming around, but it disappeared into the fog…….


  1. Three wonderful pictures. My favourite is definitely the first one with its bleach out colours and the feel of old times. Nicely composed. The second one, though, has a more exciting and unusual composition, which I really like. It makes you think and wonder and it opens up for your mind to wander. Very nicely done.


    1. Wow! Thank you so much for you input! I almost deleted this post because I wasn’t sure if it was too “boring” for some. But I’m so happy and it warms my heart that people enjoy them. I did have some fun with them, I must admit. I was extremely particular with each one. You hit the nail on the head with what you saw from each one. The first photo, I worked on so that it would look like an old vintage photo with a touch of yellow as a “faded” look. With the white background and the 4 “tags holding” the photo, I acoomplished that. The photo itself looks ancient from the 1940’s, but it’s really from a few days ago! Lol! The second picture I wanted to look even older (think of the early 1900’s) before color was introduced in film and sepia was the only way photos were displayed. The second photo I think of a cabin up in the Rocky Mountains of a family of four where the father is a miner. That’s just the imaginary story I think of up in my head when I see it. The third photo is more more contemporary, but I wanted the fall leaves to frame the fog. Thank you once again for your input and especially for understanding what I did with my photos. Comments like these makes me want to go out and take more photos to share with you all. Have a great day! 🙂


    1. Wow, thank you very much! I appreciate your comment! Yes. I agree. The leaves were fun to look at, but I think the peak has gone and now only a few scattered trees here and there are still colorful. About 55% of the trees are bare now. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying the colors still left. 🙂


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