Let’s take a walk in the park

This Autumn has been very special thus far. With the extra rain and snow, it has kept most of the trees green and has made the Autumn fall leaves not be so fleeting as it usually is. Most Autumns of the past, the leaves change so fast before I know it, the trees are all bare and skeletal looking. The trees are still changing and have the look of a “mango” as I like to describe them. When I say “mango”, I mean that the tree itself is still greenish at the bottom and slowly fades to three shades to the very top-it’s quite beautiful! I think we are nearing their peak, but I still see green trees and hope for the best of enjoying more trees changing. I was driving back home today and passed this park. Other days, I’ve said that I must stop and get out to take a few pictures, but I never do. Today I did and I was thinking about all of you out there who read my blogs and wanted to take a few pictures for you. This blog is for you.

I was also listening to “Queen” and their song “Bohemian Rhapsody” while driving. It’s very hard to sit still when that song comes on the radio. I especially love their song “Crazy little thing called Love”. I hear Sasha Baron will play “Freddie” in a movie; I must watch that movie when it comes out as I am a big fan! Overall, it was a good & and productive day. How was yours?

14 thoughts on “Let’s take a walk in the park

      1. perceptionshapes

        I noticed the vibrant orange trees today too! I was taking my puppy to the dog park and on the drive I noticed and thought to myself – I wish I had a camera! What synchronicity it is for me to read your post. Mother nature is always a muse.

      2. She is indeed! That’s why I carry my little digital camera in my purse from now on. Perhaps we shall see your puppy playing in the Fall leaves soon? 🙂

    1. Thank you! Your pictures made me feel homesick for my country of Brazil. My mom use to have a motorcycle in Brazil and we’d travel around on dirt roads to places. I was very young at the time. There is something very special about traveling on motorcycles, yes? It’s different from traveling in a car where you are not so explosed to the outside elements. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed-what an honor!

      1. I miss Brasil soo much, I was only in Rio and Florionopolis but nobody parties like Brasil, I had the best time. Took a lot of photos in the favelas and around Flori but I must have been partying too much the rest of the time, There are some on my Flickr page.

        Traveling by motorcycle, in my opinion, is the best way to see any country, not trapped within a metal box or simply flying over all the action. Some of the best things are hidden in the little places between the big places. Sadly I never touched Brasil on 2 wheels but someday, I have to go back. You should too!

  1. Awww, that is music to my ears when I hear someone that has been to Brazil saying how much they miss it. It is then that I know what I’ve felt for it most of my life…well…they “get it” as well. I’ve been to Rio three times and just love it so much! Don’t you just love the warm nights on Copacabana Beach where everyone is out and socializing? Yes, the favelas are a world in itself, don’t you think? You would love a cross country trip on motorcyle from the NorthEast (where I’m from) to Iguacu Falls. The landscape goes from jungle, prairie, country, mountains and hills…. I’d like to go back to Brazil…soon, in fact.

    1. Ahh, Copacabana beach, such an awesome place, I was there for new years with 3 million other people all dressed in white watching the most amazing fireworks I’ve ever seen in my life and drinking caipirinha after caipirinha. Such a special place. That motorcycle trip sounds awesome, Brazil just has to be done again. Ill keep an eye on your blog, see if you do get to go back. That place inspires the written word as well as the camera lens.

      1. No way! I was there for New Years too one year, but I was 11 years old back then. I’ll never forget it. We were in a hotel at the very top and there was a big party going on next door. We looked out the big windows below and watched the fireworks cascade down the hotel (it was unreal). Their fireworks are nice, yes? We also saw the ladies “in white” offering their flowers and foods to the ocean goddess. I have a bottle of Caipirinha at my place now, but it’s not open yet. I can send it to you if you want because I don’t think I’ll be using it anytime soon. Lol! Well, I’m not sure when I’ll go (back to Brazil) as I want to explore France and the United Kingdom. Its always been a dream of this Brazilian girl to see a real medieval castle and see the rolling hills of Ireland. Have you been to Iguacu Foz? Once you go there, you’ll never feel the same way about waterfalls ever again! LOL! It’s ginormous and spectacular! I’ve been there twice and wouldn’t mind seeing it again! Tchau! Pode falar Portuguese?

  2. Hey hey! thanks so much for nominating me for the Blog awards, I will have to find a way of figuring a post into my blog and nominate you in return, I am honored that you thought of my blog for that.
    I remember the fireworks were unreal, all the cruise ships lined up in the distance with their lights on and an amazing show in the sea, I remember trying to jump 7 waves for good luck and just wandering around the beach from party to party, such good times.
    If it’s castles you like then you’re gonna love the UK, Scotland has some incredible old castles, Edinburgh in particular is a great city with a medieval feel and there’s a great palace out near oxford close to where my folks live, really nice place to visit. When you go I’ll have to think of some more places for you.
    Afraid I missed out on Iguazu, passed it up in order to party more in Florionopolis, always the way with me, I shal have to go back and see it.
    Nao Falo Portugues, apenas a linguagem do samba e cerveja, por favor. My Spanish is much better so I often got by using that.
    So when were you thinking of going to my merry old England? I would love to read about what you think of it.

    1. Lol! What an awesome comment Chris! I love it! Of course, I thought about your blogs. I know you were Fresh Pressed and all (hit the big time), but the Versatile is only given to other bloggers from the bloggers themselves. Just a way of other bloggers patting each other on the back, so to speak.

  3. Aha!! Finally finished my award nominations! Of course you are in there and of course not just for reciprocal reasons. I made an extra’s tab and threw in some bits & pieces including the Award nominations and some guides to survival on the road.
    I will rattle the ol’ brain box and think of some great places on my island, theres a lot of places way out in the country that are far from the tourist hoards and still absolutely picturesque. When I do I’ll send you some links via email.
    By the way I adored your last post, real thought provoking words there.

    1. Lol! They do take a long time to do, don’t they? The tab sounds interesting and informative. The way you are sounding excited makes me want to jump on the next plane and head over there now! I’m quite fond of quaint villages that have Bed and Breakfasts. Any inn that has fresh milk or bread delivered would be a complete delight. I’ve always wanted to go to Oxford so that’s a definate must. I like the usual touristy things, but being the off the beaten path type of girl, I like rustic places and medieval landscapes. Of course, I can’t forget to stop by and have tea with Kate the Duchess of Cambridge! Lol! Gardens….I love gardens. Are their any fantastic and epic gardens over there?

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