My visit to the September 11th Memorial Park

How is everyone doing? I had worked on this video as soon as I came home from NYC and finished it Saturday afternoon. Due to the snow we got, my internet was running slower than usual and I could not upload this video. I must’ve tried 10 times, but luckily on the 11th try, it finally uploaded. I love Vimeo! They have to approve all videos and they have always approved mine, so I’m very happy to share this video with all of you.

My trip to NYC Friday was a lot of fun! Even though we walked a lot of city blocks, it was a good memory for all of us. It was good we went on the day we did go because the freak winter snow that fell upon the East Coast the next day!

In the video, you’ll see our cab driver. He was the nicest cab driver I’ve ever met because he was super friendly. He said he was from India, but was born in Denmark. It was interesting what he said about his passengers and all the stories he told about NYC. For a majority of the time, I felt like I was in the show “The Amazing Race” because we were racing other taxi cabs and we were swirving and darting in and out! The second cab driver told us how he was up washing windows of a building (not the Twin Towers) and saw the planes crash into both buildings. He said his boss told them to get down and go home. His story was incredible.

I’ve been to NYC many times, but I filmed this video for my friends and readers who have never been to NYC before. It was a Friday night, so we saw a lot of people later on running around in costumes going to parties.

Our time at the Memorial was very nice and somber. When you enter it, it’s not a sad feeling until you see the massive square hole of where the towers use to stand than you understand how truly big the castastrophy was. I didn’t see anyone cry, it was more of a quiet and reflective mood I sensed from everyone. When you run your hands over the names of the people, it’s sad to know they once had dreams and hopes too. The feel of the stone where all the names are carved out is incredibly smooth and cool to the touch. You’ll notice I filmed a name of Michael Horrocks. He was one of the pilots of the second plane that crashed into the twin towers. We know his family. I know his cousin very well. It was a surprise to find his name so quickly.

I was happy to see the “Survivor Tree” standing tall and flourishing. She is a beauty! There are many seats to sit down on to reflect. There is still a lot of construction going on and you can hear it the entire time you are there. The first scene you see is the Freedom Tower. The tower being built is gorgeous and so mighty looking- I couldn’t stop filming it! I love designs of buildings and you’ll see a lot of that in my video. The one scene with what looks like a fallen twin tower is part of the museum being constructed that will open up in 2012. I filmed a part of the structure that held the towers up in the museum through the glass. As we looked at it, it was amazing how they just snapped in half like toothpicks, yet they are made of strong metal.

Finally, towards the end of the day, we stopped by a flowershop on 39th Street. I love flowers and my mom bought herself a bouquet to take home. It was a fun filled day and we did a lot and ate at a great Brazilian restauant.

Overall, I feel good and I’m glad I finally paid my respects. If you get a chance, go down to the new park. You won’t regret it and for someone who has had a hard time going to Ground Zero for 10 years, you’ll be glad you did. It’s a feeling of hope, reflection and serenity when you enter the park.

Have a great day everyone! Thanks for being so patient waiting for this video.

10 thoughts on “My visit to the September 11th Memorial Park

  1. Oi JavaGirl tudo bom ! É agora eu sei porque voçê machucar seu pé,ficar filmando os predios sem olhar para baixo.
    Espero que já tenha sarado seu lindo pézinho !
    Bom muito bonito seu video , este memorial esta ficando muito bonito.
    É um pouco dificil para mim comentar sobre o acontecimento 11 de setembro.
    Aqui no Brasil Eu assistir tudo por TV em tempo real ao Vivo.
    Quero dizer mesmo Eu estando aqui no Brasil e vendo tudo acontecer eu fiquei como num estado de choque Eu não conseguia acreditar na quelas cenas fortes.
    Eu me senti com o coração apertado, como se todas aquelas pessoas fossem meus amigos ou meus parentes,mesmo não conhecendo todas estas pessoas.
    Eu sei que tambem tinha Brasileiros neste dia lá na torres gemeas.
    Estas palavras e sentimentos é minha do Alexandre ser humano.
    Deixo aqui meus Sentimentos de Respeito e Homenagem á todas as Familias de todos que estavão lá . E que Deus possa dar conforto no Coração de todas as Familias !

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    1. It’s a very solemn but peaceful place to go to. I’d love to go back soon because it’s a sanctuary for people to reflect. The city is loud and you hear construction, but at the same time, it’s so peaceful. Definately check it out as soon as you can. You have to reserve tickets online.

      1. I live in Las Vegas haha so getting there would be a problem. But sometime soon I plan on doing a 48 state roadtrip with my friends 🙂 and going there would definatley be one of the places I stop at. 🙂

      2. Road trips are way cool! I just went on one this past June down to Florida and it’s a lot of fun! I loved how the trees changed from the NorthEast pinetrees to palm trees! It was also fun to listen to all the different accents along the way. You’ll love NYC! Makesure to bring money for parking (I’d recommend the parking lot immediately after the Lincoln Tunnel-you make a quick right up a ramp). NYC has huge city blocks so wear comfortable shoes. Taxi cabs change shifts around 4:30pm so finding a taxi cab to take you back to the bus terminal (where the parking lot is) can be a little tricky. There are tons of signs (sometimes 5 signs on top of one another!!!!), so read them carefully before parking the car there if you park on the street. NYC is famous for giving out parking tickets.

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  4. Reblogged this on JavaGirl's Life and commented:

    September 11th. The day that broke my heart and many others around the world. We will always remember. It’s a somber day, yes, but it’s also a time to celebrate life that was and life that has flourished as a result of our human spirit to want to keep moving forward. Today I am remembering the victims of September 11th and also our heroes that sacrificed their lives to save others.

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