A Message from Pandora

Part 1.

I hadn’t known about the approval of the world’s third biggest dam being built to destroy my childhood village down in Brazil. I’m not as sad as I am angry. Don’t worry, I’ll even tell you the name of the man who took the new position as the director of “approving” this project. In an interview he is heard answering the question, “How do you sleep at night knowing all the indians have been misplaced?” and he answers with “I sleep well” (something close to that). I think we know which character he resembles in the movie “Avatar”. Of course, the indians were denied any healthcare or housing unless they submitted or agreed to the project. This Brazilian guy thinks we are savages and have no rights. Well, apparently we are skilled enough to jump on the computer and put him on blast and speak perfect English for the world to see. The President of Brazil gave the final approval.

I will continue with my blogs and my memories of my life down there as a document for future generations. It’s the main reason I jumped on WordPress. To keep a record of my life and interests. If you’ve been with me from the beginning, you’ll know I always talk and write about Brasil and my life down there. My cherished memories. But I wanted to share this video for all my suscribers to read (special welcome to my newest subscribers). I did live in the jungle during my first 4 years of life and in the town until I graduated from High School. I know very well how life is and SHOULD be there. This dam not only affects the natives, it affects everyone globally. Please share this video to everyone you know. Thank you. That would mean a lot.

One more thing, the video was beautifully done and very informative. I admired how James C. took the time to go down to Brazil and see this for himself. It’s a big deal for indians to paint their visitors up. It’s a form of love and acceptance and to be included in that, is a huge deal. Even giving away their indian artifacts like the ones James is given is also a way of saying “thank you”. I know, I have given an indian necklace to people now and then as a token of my heritage. I will post a photo of one of them here below once I find the one I want to show my subscribers and readers. Come back to this post and you’ll see it posted here below after the weekend. This weekend I’ll be busy, but you’ll see by my next blog post where I went and what I did. Hope you like it.

4 thoughts on “A Message from Pandora

  1. That’s terrible! JavaGirl, I feel for you. It’s your people, your childhood village and the brazilian rainforest. I understand that you feel sad, when you have heard this today. I want you know that you have all my support. I cry everytime in the end of the movie ‘Avatar’ and then I heard this of you I feel sad. After all, I hope you have a wonderful day!


    1. Thanks for you words Kristoffer! I’m more discouraged at the role of the government down there than anything else. Brazilians, foreigners and many others really tried all these years in stopping this project. What do I say now to Adventure Boy when I take him to Brazil and show him the land I was born? “Oh, here is where mommy was born…no, wait. I mean, there USE to be a jungle here, but it’s there somewhere underneath all that water!” The animals, the medicines and beautiful and exotic plants…you can’t replace them. Whose going to warn all the animals to go to safer ground? Seriously!


  2. Alex Nikinauta

    Hi JavaGirl, I’m also indgnado on this subject.

    When it comes to the indios Brazilians this Government he is blind, deaf and dumb.

    The Brazilian government only remembers the Indians on April 19th is the day that the Indian in Brazil!

    Well I mean I’m against the construction of the hydroelectric plant of Belo Monte!

    I’m also engaged in this struggle to spread the shame that this government is attitude!

    I’ve done a post on my blog today about this subject!
    if you need me to help with publicity can count on me!


    1. Omg, thank you so much my dear friend! That means SO much to hear that you are willing to post about this subject matter. It made my eyes fill up with tears when I read that you are writing a blog about it. I will stop by your blog on Blogger and check it out. You are Brazilian too and you understand what has been happening. It will take a miracle for something to happen to stop this disaster even though the judge ok’d it for the construction to begin.


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