Jason Taylor’s Underwater Sculptures

Photos courtesy of Jason Taylor. Please visit his official website for more information about him and for more amazing underwater sculptures.

Jason deCaires Taylor's Official Website

18 thoughts on “Jason Taylor’s Underwater Sculptures

    1. It is indeed. I thought it was a little odd to see this sculpture too, but I guess he has his reasons. It’s like listening to calm and relaxing music as you scroll down the pictures and then suddenly you hear the sound of a record player scratching across the record when it comes to the picture you speak ok, lol! Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!

    1. Thank you! I like to share interesting things from around the world to my readers and subscribers. In this case, Jason Taylor created these underwater sculptures to help increase coral and reef growth. One of my favorite photos is the woman with the hair…you can see some growth of life and plants on her hair leaving it a natural addition to her hairstyle.

    1. Hi Josiah! I’m not sure if they’ll know what it is because by then, the sculptures will be overcomed by plantlife. It will be a great discovery for future scuba divers to learn about our love for the ocean and how we build sculptures to increase reef life. Until then, it’s very interesting to look at them.

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    1. They are indeed! These sculptures are located in Cancun/Punta Nizuc Mexico. Starting 2011, international sculptures from around the world will also be contributing to Taylor’s underwater sculptures. They will also hold diving festivities.

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