The Amazing Race is back!

Can you feel my excitement through your computer screen?! I am so excited that my favorite show “The Amazing Race” is back on! I’ve waited for several months for this and found out today that it’s been on! I missed the first four episodes because I don’t watch CBS unless this show comes on. I knew it was coming this Fall, just didn’t know the exact date. The finale will be December 11th, so you’ll be hearing me talk about it until then.

The show is about contestants who race around the world for 1 million dollars (the two team members who win split it amongst themselves). I love this show because I live vicariously through them and get to see the world in a very quick paced hour! The music played in the background is peppy, sprinkled with regional bits of the country they are in and mixed with fast paced symphony music. I feel as though my heart beats extra fast just watching the show. Having traveled myself in over 55 airplane rides since I was very young (from water airplanes to jumbo army planes), I am quite familiar with all kinds of airports and airplane seats. I’ve been to 9 different countries and can say “thank you” in 9 different languages. in saying that, the places shown in the race are places I want to go to sometime in the future. This season, so far, they’ve gone to Phuket, Thailand (a country I wrote about two days ago) and did a challenge where they did reef restoration. What I’ve always liked about this show is that they always input a charity challenge to help the needy in the country they race around in. Charities are always dear to my heart in any part of the world, so it’s great to hear about new charities that the show showcases that I would have never known or heard about. Unlike other shows like “Survivor”, “The Amazing Race” continues to stay true to its purpose and remains true to it’s viewers. I use to watch “Survivor” the first few years until I noticed it wasn’t much of a show like it use to be because the main premise was gone due to alternative mind games people played with each other. The show turned into a soap opera and less of a mental and physical game. I like consistancy in shows and “The Amazing Race” has not failed me in that way. If they have changed, it has done so by improving the show. This show has won several Emmy Awards and Phil Keoghan has been an Emmy nominated tv host. Give Phil an Emmy already!

Here are the teams I’m cheering for. Having watched only 4 episodes today (to catch up), I like these three teams.

Andy and Tommy: Professional Snowboarders from California. I keep thinking they are surfers, haha. They are both super fun to watch and extremely nice to everyone they meet on their journey.
Favorite quote I heard from them: ‘Dude, don’t call me dude’.

Bill and Cathi: Retired married couple from Oregon. They are affectionately known as “Ma and Pa” with everyone. They both have a vivacious spirit and energy about them, I hope they go far!
Favorite quote I heard from Cathi: “I like the view from here!” as she was watching her husband rock climb on a rock in Thailand. She’s spunky!

Update: They got sent home on the Oct. 23rd episode. 😦

Liz and Marie: Twins from Illinois. They are a lot of fun to watch to and it’s cute to watch when they finish each other’s sentences (it’s a twin thing) and yet have a tug of war with their personilities when it comes to challenges. I don’t have a favorite quote from them, but I’m sure I’ll hear plenty with more episodes I watch.

The Amazing Race comes on Sundays on CBS at 8pm. If you miss it, you can find the episodes like I did on their website or on YouTube. Oh, one more thing. The Amazing Race is coming to Canada the summer of 2012. I’ve already watched the Australian version of the The Amazing Race and it was pretty cool too, but no one can take the place of Phil. He’s just amazing!

4 thoughts on “The Amazing Race is back!

    1. HI there….Could you tell me where you found your info that Amazing Race is coming to Canada? My niece and I would love to look into it but so far with Google I`m not finding any info.

      Thanks and have a great weekend!

      1. Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve tried to contact and ask TAR, but there hasn’t been an offcial response from them yet. I found out from another blogger.

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