Do you have a secret admirer?

Just so you know, the girl’s phone is on the left and the guy’s phone is on the right. This is their point of view as they look down on their phones. I always thought this was a cute video and thought I’d post it. I know I use to do this exact thing when I liked a guy. In this case, both of them like each other but are too scared to admit it! Ha! In the first year of college, I liked this guy named Pete. It took me three months just to say a simple hello to him because I was incredibly nervous just being around him. But I’ve learned, it’s better to just blurt out that you like someone instead of playing mind games, right? Or better yet, it’s always nice when the guy says it first…

I am incredibly tired. I’m going to bed early tonight, so talk to you tomorrow. Goodnight! xoxo

2 thoughts on “Do you have a secret admirer?

  1. wrisinjourn

    wrisinjourn reblogged this on My Blog and commented: I promise it’s always like this when you like someone and you just don’t know the words to say. I find myself doing this a lot with someone I have a crush on. Ahh well! Express yourself.

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