Dolphin Tale: A true story

Tonight Adventure Boy and I went to see “Dolphin Tale” in 3D. AB had been waiting patiently to see this movie because we both love dolphins and especially after meeting “Salvador” at the Blue Lagoon, Bahamas. This is a great family movie and kids and adults will both enjoy it! There was some embellishment done surrounding Winter’s life by Hollywood, but the process of the the dolphin getting her tail was real and true. The premise of the movie begins with a stranded female dolphin who is rescued by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater, Florida. The dolphin had been caught in a crab trap and was stranded on a beach. The story revolves around the friendship between an 11 year old boy and the dolphin who becomes internationally known as “Winter”. The real Winter plays herself in the movie. The movie shows the process it took for the research and rehabilitation of the staff to work together to find a way for Winter to be able to swim again using a plastic tail. Winter had grown up using her tail side to side to get around instead of up and down as most dolphins with tails do. According to the biologists there, the side to side movement was doing damage to her spine. In order for her spine not to be damaged further, the research team decided to come up with a plastic tail that would force her to swim up and down and not damage her spine anymore. To see the similarities between people who have disabilities and animals who also have physical disabilities was very well woven together in this movie. What I enjoyed about this movie was the many emotional growths of almost every character. Most movies center only on the main character, but this movie had most of the characters go through many deep and healing emotional growth. I think everybody can relate to any of the characters because we have that inner strength that keeps us going and not to give up no matter what life throws at us, even disabilities. I usually never cry during a movie and will do my best to not shed a tear (mascara nightmare), but this movie will brings tears to your eyes throughout the entire movie, so bring several kleenexs. The kids will enjoy this movie because it has some funny scenes with the pelican known as “Roofus” and several other kid related humor that only they can understand. For the adults, the story provides inspiration and human determination through suffering and hurt. The final scene was so moving, I literally had tears coming from my eyes. I still get teary eyes just thinking about it. Perhaps because it reminded me of Adventure Boy hugging and playing with Salvador and how special it was to see them together down in the Bahamas. Adventure Boy also would like to me to tell you that he also has a blog on WordPress and is waiting for readers to go over his blog to read about his life. He plans to blog as long as he can. Maybe you’ll be one of the first readers who will be able to follow him as he grows through elementary (he’s 10 right now) until graduation of High School. I’m sure he’ll have plenty of things to write and experience. You’ll have to check it to find out! Adventures of a Boy. He’s looking for fellow kid bloggers, so if you know of any, let him know.

Go see the movie and check out their website. In their website, you can see several webcams of Winter swimming around. Earlier we saw Winter swimming around the pool, it was cute! Also, if you have time, see “Winter’s Dream” on her site which talks about helping foster children find a “forever family” just as Winter did when she was left alone and later “adopted” by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium staff. I love children and if there is a website that helps children find permanent home (even if they have disabilities), I make sure to make the world know about it. Thanks for reading my blogs once again. I truly appreciate it. Tonight I reached my 17,000th blog viewer. Thank you so much! If I can make just a tiny difference in this big world, let this blog be one of them-especially if it involves children. I have a lot to say and I always am grateful when someone gets something from reading my blogs. Go see this movie because you’ll come away with something from the movie.

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